Bollinger Bands

If you’re looking for that one tool that can make your trading life a lot easier, you should consider Bollinger bands. These three lines can help you out a lot with sorting out the stuff you see on your trading chart, which is why we decided to write an article that will introduce you to them. The concept is fairly simple, so even beginners should have no problems grasping it. As a matter of fact, using it can be a great transition towards more serious trading levels. Simply, it’s all about market statistics. Therefore, if you’re looking to up your trading game a little, all you have to do is read on.

Bollinger Bands | Three main lines

Now then, the three lines you get on your screen show you in which range you can expect the price to move. The middle line represents the so-called moving average, while the lines above and below it show how much the price moves away from the average. Therefore, these three lines show you what to expect from a price, i.e. how much it’s supposed to move from its average. This helps avoid Overtrading. Naturally, these lines can be broken, but because Bollinger bands are based on a huge amount of statistical data, the chances for that are very slim (some say they are lower than 5%). Because of that, with this tool, you can predict with a fair amount of certainty the limits an asset can reach. However, you still need to be careful. Why? We’ll explain below.

Bollinger Bands | Market conditions

You see, the gap between top and bottom Bollinger bands won’t always be the same. When a market is pretty sure about an asset, the gap will be significant because there won’t be many price changes and thus the price’s upper and lower limits will be firmly established. The thing is that this gap can narrow down significantly if something happens that will disrupt the market’s stability. Maybe a new GDP report comes out or some important piece of political news is issued, but the less the market is sure about something, the narrower the gap and it becomes easier for the price to break the two lines. So try to analyze the situation on the market first – if there’s nothing out of the ordinary, Bollinger bands will be of great help to you.

Bollinger Bands | Conclusion

If you want to predict where the limits of a price’s movements are, this is the tool for you. Bollinger bands help you acquire this important information by analyzing statistical data and making predictions with a very high degree of accuracy. However, do keep an eye on it because in hectic market conditions this tool is not so efficient. Still, they are a great addition to any trading strategy which you can build with the help of our other educational article on this website. Take a look around and immerse yourself in the exciting world of binary options.

Binary Options Types

Although the main principle of binary options trading is fairly simple, brokers and software providers often come up with different variations to attract more traders. Don’t worry, these binary options types are almost just as easy to understand as the basic type, even if you’re a complete beginner. To prove that, we will show you the most common types of binary options you can find, which are also known as trading modes. You might be surprised with how many possibilities the industry has come up with over the years, so stick around and maybe you’ll find your new favorite. Let’s get started, shall we?

Binary Options Types | Basic types

We’re not going to go into the standard Call and Put Options here because we have a separate article just for that, and instead we will dive head-first into all other binary options types. Something you’ll see almost everywhere is the so-called ladder trading. Here, price levels are stacked above each other like rungs of a ladder and you have to guess how high the actual price will go. The more “rungs” you guess right, the bigger the payout. Apart from this, pairs are also a popular type of binary options. Like the name says, here you will be dealing with pairs of assets which are always fixed but correlate with each other and come from the same industry. This is a good way to make a hefty profit if you’re an expert in one particular field. But there are more things to discuss, so stay with us.

Binary Options Types | Go social?

Don’t forget that, no matter which trading mode you choose, you need to have a sound and well-defined Binary Options Strategy if you want to profit. The only instance where that may not be necessary is social trading because there you can follow other traders and simply copy their decisions. Another of the binary options types is the so-called one-touch mode, where you have to guess whether or not an asset’s price will at some point touch a designated level. Here you’re not interested in the situation at the expiry time because the price can touch the level at any point in time between you opening the trade and the trade’s closure. Of course, there are also types of binary options offering trading in extremely short or extremely long timeframes, but we think those really don’t require any further explanations.

Binary Options Types | Conclusion

As you can see, there are many binary options types to choose from, so examine your broker’s platform thoroughly to find what suits you best. No matter which one you choose, you will grasp the concept quickly because everything always boils down to whether a price goes up or down. However, if you need help in creating a suitable trading strategy, don’t forget to check out our other educational articles. You will surely find what you need there.

Is Tropical Trade a Scam?

Tropical Trade is a fresh addition to the binary options market, and they’ve quickly caught the eye of many traders. They offer virtually everything a trader should ever need, from cross-platform trading interface and various account packages, all the way to various banking options. Therefore, the fact that number of their clients grows on a daily basis doesn’t come as a surprise. However, we have witnessed many cases of brokers bragging with fantastic offers, and turned out to be complete scammers. That being said, we decided to put this broker under our thorough test, in order to discover is Tropical Trade a scam. Keep reading our detailed analysis and see if this broker can be completely trusted!

Is Tropical Trade a Scam? | Accounts

A truly legit and legal broker should be able to offer a variety of account packages, based on their clients’ trading preferences. And we are happy to say that Tropical Trade doesn’t fail on this part of our test routine. Depending on their initial investment amount, traders are welcome to choose among five different account types. Basic account will satisfy the core trading needs with welcome bonus, while also granting access to personal junior broker and basic educational materials. Pro account broadens the offer with a senior broker, personal trading session and general trading signals. Gold package introduces risk-free trades, while further boosting previously mentioned features. VIP and Corporate packages are reserved for highly skilled traders that will surely make additional profit using the given features. These include access to skilled brokers and analysts, unlimited access to educational library, up to 10 risk-free trades and personalized trading signals. As you can see, all packages are specifically designed to meet the needs of their target groups. Considering the variety and versatility of available accounts, we can state that Tropical Trade is by no means a fraud. But we have many more features to examine, so stick around and find out if this broker will try to trick you with banking malfeasance!

Tropical Trade Account Types
Tropical Trade Account Types

Is Tropical Trade a Scam? | Banking Options

Every trader knows that it’s impossible to commence trading without investing some personal funds. Some fraudulent brokers will offer only one deposit method, or display inconsistent information on various part of website. Fortunately, Tropical Trade passes yet another challenge with highest grades. You will be able to select one of many major cards or bank transfer as your preferred deposit method. Supported credit cards include MasterCard, Visa, Diners and Delta. We have tested all available methods with different account types and everything went as smooth as possible. All our transactions became visible in account details in a matter of minutes. Deposits can be made in euros, pounds, American, Canadian and Australian dollars, which is the feature you select while opening your account. Minimum amount is set at 200$, which is a bit lower than the average amount in the industry, while the maximum deposit is capped at 20 000$. We haven’t been able to detect any behavior that resembles a scam here, and we can proudly state that Tropical Trade is a legit broker when it comes to banking.

Tropical Trade Deposit Page
Tropical Trade Deposit Page

Withdrawal request can also be made by selecting one of the banking methods available for deposits. You can withdraw up to 20 000 dollars with a single withdrawal request, and you can cancel it at any time if you want to. However, in order to complete your first withdrawal request, you’ll have to pass a security check. Read more about it in our next section!

Is Tropical Trade a Scam? | Security

Being confident in your broker’s security system is crucial for placing successful trades. When you’re completely sure that your funds are kept safe and sound, you can be more concentrated to the trading itself. Tropical Trade has implemented various safety procedures that will surely prevent any security breaches or identity thefts. This broker abides to strict compliance procedures, which guarantees that your personal information will not be distributed to third-party companies. Also, all deposit and withdrawal requests are coated with high-end SSL encryption system, rendering them immune to various hacker attacks. Also, as we have stated in our previous section, initial withdrawal will trigger a security check in order to prove your identity. This is a standard procedure among trusted and legit brokers, it’s nothing to be afraid off, and everything can be completed in a couple of minutes. You’ll be asked to submit copies of personal ID, utility bill and credit card. These serve as proofs of identity, residence and banking, respectively. After the documents have been reviewed and approved, you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings. We honestly believe that you don’t have to doubt this broker for a moment when it comes to security of your personal information and funds. Therefore, in terms of security, we can announce that Tropical Trade is completely safe to trade with. But some more features still remain unexplored, so keep on reading!

Tropical Trade How To Trade
Tropical Trade Security

Is Tropical Trade a Scam? | Education and Contact

High-quality educational materials are published only by trusted and safe brokers, and this is the case with Tropical Trade as well. Their academy contains various videos, e-Books, signals and a glossary that will surely help you develop your trading skills. This goes for the support team as well, which you can contact using chat, e-mail, phone or contact form. They are comprised of highly skilled market analysts and trading experts that will surely be able to solve any problem you might experience. As you have seen, Tropical Trade is not a scammer or fraud at all, it is a broker that can be completely trusted. Our Tropical Trade Review article contains more information about the broker itself, so feel free to consult it.

Tropical Trade Contact
Tropical Trade Contact

Is Tropical Trade a Scam? | Conclusion

To wrap this thorough analysis up, we will once again state that, due to results of our tests, Tropical Trade is a truly legit and safe broker. It will surely delight you with many ingenious features ranging from various account packages all the way to 24/7 support for traders. So open a free trading account with this broker and start changing your luck!

Daweda Exchange Review

Daweda Exchange is still a relatively new broker, given that the company was only launched in 2015. However, due to their unique offer, they are now among the most popular trading companies around, and the number of people trading with them on regular basis is steadily growing. The reason for that has to be the peer-to-peer trading system this company has developed, and we will tell you all about that and all other features right here in our Daweda Exchange review. Our team has researched these guys extremely thoroughly, so if you want information about them you are most certainly in the right place. Sit back and enjoy the ride because we have loads of interesting things to tell you. Let’s go!

Daweda Exchange Review | Trading platform

Like we already said, the type of trading you will experience here is unique. This is not your typical binary options trading because here you will be going against other traders – this is the so-called peer-to-peer trading system. To make this possible, Daweda had to build its trading platform from scratch, but we have to admit that they have done an excellent job. The system runs exceptionally smoothly and constantly receives the latest information from the market, meaning that you can make all your decisions even if you just glance at the screen. The reason for such a superb performance is the platform’s power: it can deal with more than 100.000 messages each second and go through more than 150.000 orders in the same period. With that kind of power, latency can never be an issue, so you can expect your trades to be executed within a nanosecond. On top of that, everything is very well designed and quite intuitive, so even complete beginners will quickly understand how to proceed. However, there is one feature of this platform that simply needs to be analyzed on its own because something like that cannot be found easily in the rest of the binary options industry. Keep reading and you’ll see what we mean.

Daweda Exchange Trading Platform
Daweda Exchange Trading Platform

Daweda Exchange Review | Autotrader

Yes, on this website you have the option to use the Daweda Exchange auto trader, otherwise known as Daweda ATS (Automated Trading System), and our Daweda review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention it. The thing that separates this feature from other similar ones you can find in the rest of the trading industry is the fact that you can program the software in full accordance with your wishes. Most importantly, you get to choose your closing points, i.e. the amounts of profit or loss after which the autotrader should stop trading. Apart from that, you can choose the strategy for your Daweda robot and a number of contracts and trades Daweda ATS can execute. Once you’re done with that, all you have to do is choose the asset you want your automated trader to focus on and the robot will do the rest.

Daweda Exchange Auto Trading
Daweda Exchange Auto Trading

We should mention that you cannot use this feature if you only trade via a demo account – a deposit of at least 350$ is required to activate it (we will talk about the deposit process later on). However, once you make that deposit, Daweda Exchange auto trading will be available to you for free and you will be able to use it however and whenever you want, without any limitations.

Daweda Exchange Review | App

Another great thing about this trading platform is that it is also available as an app, which is another proof that Daweda uses only the latest technology. Daweda app runs on both Android and iOS devices, so pretty much every smartphone and tablet these days can be used to trade on the go with it. You will lose nothing compared to the desktop experience if you decide to go mobile because all features that make Daweda what it is are available in this version, too. A substantial amount of statistical data is there to help you make the right choice, and you can also easily browse your trading history with this app. The product can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store, plus there are absolutely no fees that will pop up after you install this app onto your mobile device. We checked that ourselves. In other words, you will not have to spend a single cent on this.
It is worth pointing out that the design is extremely intuitive, so you can monitor and manage your trades with just a few taps on your touchscreen. This is probably why this app got such great reviews from the traders who used it, and we must say that we pretty much agree with them: Daweda mobile app is worthy of your time if you’re constantly on the move, but still want to trade. However, the company still has a lot more to offer, so read on!

Daweda Exchange Platform Benefits
Daweda Exchange Platform Benefits

Daweda Exchange Review | Demo Account

Since we have already touched upon it in an earlier paragraph, let’s discuss Daweda demo account some more, shall we? This is another feature that shows this company’s specific approach to traders because all you have to do to access it is go through the login process. Once you sign up with Daweda, your demo account will be automatically activated and you will be taken to it immediately. You don’t have to apply for it or open it separately from your real trading account – it’s right there as soon as you create your profile. When you’re ready to start trading for real, you just make a deposit to that same account and that’s it. Simple, right?
After the login is complete, 500 virtual dollars will also be awarded to you and you will be able to use them as you see fit. Apart from the virtual money and the above-mentioned auto trader, everything is just like you’re trading for real, so we really do recommend you spend some time with Daweda demo account to see how peer-to-peer trading works. You can also use it for educational purposes because the company offers a whole lot of materials to help you expand your trading knowledge. But we’re just getting started with our Daweda Exchange review, so don’t go away!

Daweda Exchange Demo Account
Daweda Exchange Demo Account

Daweda Exchange Review | CySEC

If you thought that because of this new type of trading Daweda is a scam, you were completely wrong. Not only was our experience on this website completely free of any fraud attempts, but Daweda is also fully regulated by CySEC, which is probably the best possible proof of their reliability we can give you. MiFID guidelines and internationally recognized anti-money laundering policies are followed down to the letter, so you can rest assured you and your money will be treated with care and respect every time you log in to trade here. If you want to check things out for yourself, Daweda has the license number 289/16 and you can easily find them on CySEC’s website. If you don’t know why Daweda’s CySEC license is such a big deal, allow us to say that this agency is responsible for the whole EU, which means every company that applies for the license is thoroughly examined and tested. The agency has hundreds of financial subjects under its control and is very strict when it comes to issuing licenses, so you can rest assured Daweda has met some very high criteria indeed. This especially goes for the money transfer methods accepted here, something we will be talking about in the next part of our Daweda Exchange review.

Daweda Exchange Regulation
Daweda Exchange Regulation

Daweda Exchange Review | Minimum deposit and withdrawal

First of all, let’s take a look at the ways you can deposit and withdraw your money here, something that is absolutely vital if our Daweda review is to be complete. Bank wire transfers, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney can all be used, so you really shouldn’t have any problems with money management on this website. We have tested every single method ourselves, and the funds were delivered within the promised deadline every time, all in full accordance with what the company promises. Again, no signs of any kind of Daweda scam were observed, but considering what we talked about in the previous paragraph, this really isn’t a very big surprise. However, we will mention that all your financial data is protected by a very reliable SSL encryption system, so not even Daweda will be able to access it. Only you will be able to do that via your trading account. But let’s now get to the numbers.

Daweda Exchange Deposit Page
Daweda Exchange Deposit Page

Daweda Exchange minimum deposit is set to exactly $100, which makes this kind of trading pretty accessible to everyone because the average amount a standard binary options broker will ask from you is somewhere around $200 or $250. Therefore, Daweda is at least twice as accessible as most of their competition. But don’t think that because of this lower requirement you won’t be able to do some serious trading. Quite the contrary, the minimum trade here is only $10, so you’ll have plenty of chances to strike it rich.
As for Daweda Exchange withdrawals, we can only say that they work perfectly (not a big surprise there given what we said in the previous part of this Daweda review).The minimum amount here is also 100 USD, but you get one free withdrawal per month. Any additional transactions will involve a $25 fee. It is worth noting that your withdrawal will be processed within just 24 hours, which is quite fast, and that you also have the option of cancelling your request if you change your mind. The cancellation, however, needs to be made before the processing is done.

Daweda Exchange Review | Bonus

When we were examining the website, we found no signs of any bonus offers that would directly affect your account balance. However, that does not mean there won’t be any in the future – perhaps we just missed a good bonus opportunity. Yet, there is one thing in the broker’s offer that can be considered as a form of Daweda bonus and it’s without any time limitations. You see, payouts here are always 100%. That’s right, ALWAYS. This means that you will double what you invest in every trade if it goes your way. That is also substantially higher than what most binary options brokers offer because their payouts usually go up to 85%, but are often even lower than that, about 70%. The difference is, as you can see, quite significant and can be taken as a form of bonus because you certainly get more for your money this way. On top of that, there aren’t any conditions you have to meet to withdraw that extra money. You have to be aware, though, that the house takes 5% of each position, but that still ends up being way above what other types of trading have to offer. However, we’re not done with Daweda Exchange review yet, so stay tuned!

Daweda Exchange Review | Complaints

We must say that we really don’t have any serious objections here, but what about other traders? Do they agree with us or do they have any big Daweda complaints? Well, we talked to several people who traded or are still trading here, plus we visited numerous trading forums and the conclusion is that this company checks out. Every person serious enough to talk to us agreed that Daweda can be trusted. True, some people decided that this type of trading is not for them, but that was due to their own preference and not because something went wrong.

Of course, not every single trader we interviewed was thrilled about this company, but the people who did have some complaints proved to be unable to back their claims up. Often, they complained about their trades going in the directions opposite of what they expected, which is hardly Daweda’s fault. Furthermore, when we asked them to present some evidence about the thing that was bothering them, they never seemed to have any. It is our impression that a lot of people who are actually complaining against this company do not fully understand how binary options trading works and expect to see profit right away. Because of that, we have to side with our experts who tested the platform and with the people who are satisfied with the quality of offer on this website. Therefore, our Daweda Exchange review remains positive.

Daweda Exchange Review | Support

And one of the reasons for that is the quality of Daweda support. Whatever you want to know about this company, whichever problem you need to solve, these people will help you. They are an extremely well coordinated and trained team, with loads of trading experts among their ranks. You can contact them in several different ways, including live chat, e-mail and phone, plus there’s also a contact form you can fill out on the broker’s website. In addition, you can also fax them or use the traditional mail if you need to because the company’s address is also available on the website.

Daweda Exchange Contact
Daweda Exchange Contact

However, the thing that surprised us the most about Daweda’s support is the fact that help is available in many different languages. Namely, you can communicate with the staff in German, English, French, Russian and Arabic, so pretty much every trader in the world should be well covered (except traders from the US, which are not accepted here, unfortunately). On top of all this, the whole website is full of information and answers that will help all traders, especially beginners, get used to the environment here. All in all, you are in very good hands. With that, we’re almost done with this Daweda Exchange review – the only thing left for us to do is to wrap things up with a conclusion.

Daweda Exchange Review | Conclusion

We believe this article has pretty much covered every important part of this company’s offer and that all traders will find what they want to know here. After such an extensive examination, we can only conclude that Daweda Exchange is a safe, reliable and very professional company with a slightly different approach to binary options trading. They are regulated by CySEC and use the very latest technology to make sure all trades and orders are executed immediately, so we firmly believe you will enjoy your trading experience with them. Loads of other useful features will help you with that too: Daweda mobile app, Daweda ATS, great support and a handy free demo account are just some of them. Although they have been around for less than two years, this company has already amassed quite a following and people from all over the world come to their website on daily basis. It should also be mentioned that the support here is available in five different languages, so the chances are you’ll be well covered. The only thing left for us to say at the end of this Daweda Exchange review is this: open an account with them and you won’t regret it!

Commodity Channel Index – CCI

Commodity Channel Index (often called the CCI) is another tool designed to help you make the right trades on the binary options market. It is an oscillator, and we will look at it as such in this article, although in some instances you will find that it is considered to be a simple trend indicator. This is why you may sometimes find it in different sections of your trading platform. Nevertheless, we are going to show you how to use it, so that you can add one more weapon to your arsenal in your battle for profit. Keep reading and see what this interesting tool has to offer.

Commodity Channel Index – CCI | Basic features

Just like any other oscillator, the Commodity Channel Index will also appear below your Binary Options Chart. Usually, the levels plotted on it by the brokers are 100 and -100, but don’t think the CCI can’t go pass those two numbers – it can and it does so fairly often, especially when a strong trend appears. These two levels are just another way of designating overbought and oversold territories, so the usual rules apply here: if the oscillator has hit its overbought level prepare to start buying put options, but if it’s in the oversold waters you want to go with call options. But that’s not the only way you can use the Commodity Channel Index. Stay with us and learn more about it in the next paragraph.

Commodity Channel Index – CCI | Another way to use it

Another thing you can do with the CCI is to plot the 0 level on it and use it as a reference point. In other words, every time the oscillator breaks it you can expect the trend to last. Therefore, if the 0 level is broken while the line is traveling downwards you will want to start buying put options (but only until it reaches the oversold area) and if it is broken in the other direction you want call options. One thing to be very careful about here is the Expiration Time because the Commodity Channel Index is well known for its sensitivity. It can change its behavior very quickly, so its period becomes extremely important. The oscillator is usually plotted on 14 periods, and we recommend you leave it at that until you become more familiar with the way it works.

Commodity Channel Index – CCI | Conclusion

And those are pretty much the main things you need to know when you’re using the Commodity Channel Index. It’s not very complicated, but you have to be ready to react quickly because the index in known to be very sensitive. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to confirm the data you’re getting this way with some other tool, just to keep things nice and safe. If you need more tips about trading on the binary options market, just take a look around our website. There are loads of articles like this one here.

How to profit from binary options?

Binary options trading is essentially very simple – you just have to predict if an asset’s price will go up or down. However, if you get it wrong you can lose all your investment, so the question becomes how to profit from binary options. Why are millions of people busy on the market investing every day? These people are just like you, not a bunch of stock brokers or financial experts, but people from all sorts of backgrounds. This is what we are going to show you in this article; our team has been a part of this industry for years now, so we know what new traders are interested in and what we can do to help them. Read on!

How to profit from binary options? | Be smart

Rule number one on how to profit from binary options is that you don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Spread your trading funds out, open multiple trades in accordance with your Binary Options Strategy because, as we have said in the introduction, one miss will lose you everything you invest in that trade. Given that successful trades will bring you on average about 85% profit each, two of them can cover one loss and still bring profit. You can’t get into this business thinking your every single investment will earn you money – your main preoccupation has to be to end the day with a surplus. With just a little bit of thought and caution, this can be achieved. Literally thousands of traders do it every day.

How to profit from binary options? | Use everything!

Another thing you have to do if you want to know how to profit from binary options is get familiar with your trading environment. Every trading platform has loads of analytical tools (such as Oscillators) you can use to extract data from your chart, plus brokers often have some interesting promotions and bonuses you can grab. There will probably also be educational materials with which you can expand your trading knowledge and maybe even a news section. In short, make the most of all resources you can find because information is key in any type of trading, especially this one. You also may want to check withdrawal methods and whether or not they have any fees associated with them that could cut into your profits. The success lies in the details.

How to profit from binary options? | Conclusion

How to profit from binary options? Well, first of all, never invest everything you have in a single trade. Build a strategy and explore all the details of the website you’re trading on – you’re bound to find useful and interesting stuff. Also, try to get as much information as you can from all available sources. When all these things click, there will be absolutely nothing standing between you and profit. Just remember that patience is the key here. If you need more tips, however, browse around our website a bit more and you will find many more educational articles. Enjoy!

BetOnFinance Review 2017

A newcomer to the trading industry, BetOnFinance knew they had to offer something very different if they were to succeed in this business. And offer it they did! This company takes a completely new approach to the whole trading process and introduces the concept of financial pool betting to the market. This BetOnFinance review will explain that and absolutely everything else you need to know about the way these guys work. Our team has spent a lot of time examining every single part of the company’s website, the place where everything happens, and they have some very interesting information to share with you. If you’re looking for something different and exciting, this is most certainly the solution. Read on!

BetOnFinance Review | What is pool betting?

To help you follow this BetOnFinance review more easily, we will first explain what pool betting is. This concept is most often used in horse racing and allows players to bet on one of the offered outcomes. The payouts are not fixed, but vary depending on how many players choose a particular outcome. In our case, if just a few traders invest in one of the offered options they will stand to make a lot of money if their prediction turns out to be correct. The more people invest one option, the less profit will be paid out to them if they get things right, so essentially everything boils down to probability, but this probability is based on how many people choose a certain outcome. If you can find an option that was not chosen by too many people and it turns out to be correct, you can multiply your initial investment several times. That’s the main advantage of this way of trading – payouts can be much higher than in regular binary options. If you can react when you see that most other people are wrong, you could indeed win a lot. There’s also a pretty neat catch to all this: pool betting is classified as a gambling product, not as a financial product, although you do in this case invest in the outcomes of events on financial markets. The reason why this benefits you is that everything you make is exempt from taxes (at least that’s how things are done in the EU) and you retain all your winnings, no matter how big or small they are.

BetOnFinance Platform
BetOnFinance Platform

BetOnFinance Review | Available games

So which BetOnFinance pool games can you choose here? Well, at the moment, there are four main types of games, but it wouldn’t surprise us if the company comes up with some new choices in the near future. Nevertheless, the options you have at the moment are more than enough to have fun and make some money in the process. We must also mention that the platform all these games are based on was developed by the company’s own team. It works absolutely flawlessly, without the slightest glitch, so we can only congratulate these guys on a job well done. But let’s get back to the games. First, you have the Stock Race – all you have to do is guess which stocks will end up in the top three and which will be in the bottom three, i.e. you have to guess which stocks will perform the best and which will perform the worst on the market. Apart from that, you have the IPO game, where your task is to predict the behaviour of an IPO (initial public offering) price. You can also bet on indices and try to predict by how much they’ll go up or down. Of course, you don’t need to guess exactly by how much an index will move, but only give a rough estimate. Therefore, you can choose a move between 0 and 0.25%, 0.25% and 0.5%, 0.5% and 0.75 etc. Finally, there’s also the game where you guess which CEO of a big company will be sacked next. In the event that a game has no winner, the prize pool will simply roll over to the next game and you will compete for even bigger prizes in the next round. As you can see, there are plenty of options, but our BetOnFinance analysis is just getting started.

BetOnFinance CEO Game
BetOnFinance CEO Game

BetOnFinance Review | Is BetOnFinance legit?

Is BetOnFinance a scam? If you asked yourself that after hearing about this new type of trading, this is the paragraph for you. And we have some really good news in this respect. First of all, after testing all available games we can say that they all work just fine. The information you’re given is 100% accurate and absolutely no attempts were made by this company to influence the outcome of a game or to manipulate things in any way. Simply, what you’re promised is what you get. The same can also be said for the money transfer methods, but we will talk about them more a little later on. For now, we will just say that our funds always got where they were supposed to go without the slightest problem or delay. On top of all that, the company is regulated by not one, but two different regulatory bodies. Given that they were launched in Denmark, BetOnFinance has received a license from the Danish Gambling Authority, but they are also regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, since the company is currently based in Malta. With these two licenses, there should be no doubt about how legitimate this company is, especially because the MGA is well known for its strict criteria. This BetOnFinance review is therefore shaping up to be quite a positive one, but let’s now take a look at the financial requirements.

BetOnFinance Review | Numbers

Compared to most binary options brokers, this company has some remarkably low financial requirements, so we simply had to dedicate a separate paragraph to them in this BetOnFinance review. You see, to open an account, you only need to make a BetOnFinance minimum deposit which is set to only 20€ (apart from euros, the company also accepts Danish and Swedish currencies). Since most brokers ask for at least ten times as much, the advantages of trading here become obvious. Furthermore, you only need to invest one euro to participate in a game, which is again lower than most minimum trade requirements in the binary options industry. Given that you can also win more than if you’re trading classic binary options, it seems you really should give this company a go.

BetOnFinance Deposit Page
BetOnFinance Deposit Page

As for the methods you can use for BetOnFinance deposit and withdrawal, you can choose between several Visa and MasterCard types of credit cards, as well as online payment systems like Neteller, Truslty or Skrill. Just keep in mind that only the first withdrawal of the month is free of any charges, while all subsequent ones will carry a small fee (5€ or 1% of the amount you withdraw). Also, remember that the house will always take 10% of each pool once the game becomes closed for any further betting and possible profits are determined. Keep reading, our BetOnFinace tests continue.

BetOnFinance Review | Documents required

As is usually the case with companies like this, you will need to provide some documents to complete the withdrawal, so let’s go over this topic to show you what you need. First of all, documents are necessary because they show the company that you are of age and allowed to legally conduct investments of this kind. Every piece of information you provide when creating your trading account must be verifiable, so don’t make the mistake of using some made up name or address because you won’t be able to withdraw later. You will need a copy of your ID, of the card(s) you used to deposit and a proof of address (a bank statement is perfect for this, but even a utility bill will do). If you do not provide these documents when asked to (the company performs regular checks), you risk getting your account suspended, all based on the KYC policy dominant in the EU. Now that this is out of the way, we can focus on more interesting parts of this BetOnFinance review. Want to know how to increase your account balance quickly? The answer is in the following paragraph.

BetOnFinance Account Verification
BetOnFinance Account Verification

BetOnFinance Review | Bonuses

Another thing related to your trading funds is the BetOnFinance bonus policy because it allows you to increase the amount of funds at your disposal with relative ease. There are two main types of bonuses you can get from this company: the welcome bonus and the reload bonus. The first one allows you to double what you deposit into your trading account (up to 200€), whereas the second one will give you 50% of your initial deposit (up to 150€) at the beginning of each month. We should also mentions that you can expect new campaigns every now and then, so the chances are these won’t be your only options to improve your account balance. Of course, if you know anything about the trading industry, you will know that bonuses like these usually come with some conditions you have to fulfil in order to withdraw them. Well, this is the case here too, but the good news is that the requirements are extremely low in this case. You only need to wager the deposited and the bonus amount five and four times respectively and the extra funds will become accessible to you. You do have to do it within 60 days, though, but that’s really not a problem on this website. Again, compared to usual brokers, these requirements are much lower because many “standard” brokers will ask for a turnover of 20 or 30 times or even more before they give you your bonus. And don’t worry; this wouldn’t be much of a BetOnFinance review if we didn’t test the whole system ourselves. Everything works absolutely perfectly, and our money was delivered to us without the slightest problem. Stay with us, we’re not done yet!

BetOnFinance Bonus
BetOnFinance Bonus

BetOnFinance Review | Excellent support

Support can really play a huge role in determining a company’s reliability, which is why we included it into this BetOnFinance test. And right from the start we were very pleasantly surprised because these guys have gone the extra mile to make sure nobody gets into any problems while playing here. For example, they can help you set up a daily limit if you have problems with self-control, and there’s also the self-exclude button which will make you take a break from playing for a certain amount of time. There are even filters you can download from this website that will block other similar websites and prevent you from going elsewhere to spend your money, as well as make sure no underage persons can access the games. In addition, the company also cooperates with organizations like GamCare and Gambling Therapy to make sure you can always access help if you need it. As you can see, you and your health come first here.
But even without all that, the support is still very good. You can contact the company via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail and expect a quick and thorough answer from them every time. The team is very well trained and will solve all your problems in a flash, so you can always rest assured you are in good hands. And now, let’s move to the next part of this BetOnFinance review, shall we?

BetOnFinance Support
BetOnFinance Support

BetOnFinance Review | Details that help you

Even after all this, we still have things to discuss. It’s interesting to note, for example, how many details on this website are there to help you enjoy your experience as much as possible and to quickly get a grasp on things. You can read interesting news every so often to stay in touch with the latest market developments, which will help you choose the right option in all of the aforementioned games. What is particularly interesting is that you have several categories of articles in the news section, including BetSchool and Player Interviews. These texts add much more depth to the website because the first group teaches you the tricks of the trade (like where to find market data, which stocks are considered to be volatile and stuff like that), while the second gives you honest accounts of other players’ impressions. They also have a very detailed How to Play section on the website with loads of FAQs for every available game, plus you can also find out absolutely everything about the way things work there. If you don’t have the time for reading, simply watch a few educational videos on that page and everything will become crystal clear in a matter of moments. In short, everything you need to know is readily available, one way or another. We’re now almost done, but before we wrap our BetOnFinance review up, there is one more very important thing we have to mention.

BetOnFinance Tutorials
BetOnFinance Tutorials

BetOnFinance Review | Who can join?

Although this company is really very customer-friendly (which we have hopefully shown in this article), people from some countries are unfortunately not accepted. We must stress that BetOnFinance is not doing this out of spite or some other ridiculous reason, but because these countries have not yet regulated their trading markets in such a way that would allow this company to become a part of them. More notable names on this list include France, UK, US, Spain, Italy, Greece and Hong Kong, but countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Iran and Iraq are there too. Check if your country is accepted by the company to be sure you can participate in all of the games and keep in mind that lists like this one are prone to changes. With that, we think we have more than enough information to conclude this rather lengthy BetOnFinance review, in a positive way of course.

BetOnFinance Home Page
BetOnFinance Home Page

BetOnFinance Review | Conclusion

Even though BetOnFinance has been in the trading industry for only about one year, it has already made quite an impact on the trading world. The combination of financial markets and pool betting has allowed the company to create an absolutely unique environment for their clients. You have plenty of ways to invest, and the financial requirements are really not very high, so literally everyone can join in on the fun. The platform was developed by the company’s own team of programmers and BetOnFinance has two different licenses verifying their reliability, which means you can be absolutely certain you will be well taken care of on this website. Absolutely everything is done to accommodate players here, and the broker is especially careful that you don’t overdo things and that no minors ever gain access to an account. That’s probably what we liked the most during our time with this company, the sense that they really care about how you play and about your enjoyment and well-being in general. You can see that in small details, like the news section, the amount of questions they have answered in the FAQs and the speed and diligence with which the support team answers all your questions. Hopefully, our BetOnFinance review has shown you everything you want to know about this company because the only thing left for us to do is to recommend that you open an account on this website right now. Good luck!


Overtrading is a somewhat common problem among binary options traders, especially those who do not have enough experience to control themselves on the market. This can lead to serious losses, but the good news is that all problems of this type can relatively easily be avoided. All it takes is a certain amount of money management skills and a cool head and in this article we will give you some advice about acquiring both. We’ve seen this problem on many occasions, so we know exactly what causes it and how to resolve it. Therefore, investing a few minutes of your time into reading this text, especially if you’re still new to this type of trading, can help you a lot. Let’s go!

Overtrading | How can you recognize it?

But what exactly is overtrading? Well, simply put, it’s the situation in which you start to open more trades than you really need, which can be extremely dangerous for your account balance. Two emotions are the main cause of this – fear and greed. You can start overtrading out of fear when you see that the trades are not going your way and people often go ahead and start opening more of them in order to somehow get their money back. Apart from that, people think that because this type of trading seems simple and offers many possibilities they can simply waltz in and start picking up profit like cherries. That’s not how it works and we’ll show you the proper attitude in the following paragraph. Stay with us!

Overtrading | Avoiding problems

We mentioned that panic is often the cause of overtrading. This is because people are often not prepared to lose and cannot control their Trading Fears. Well, guess what? Losses are bound to happen in this business and you need to know how to cope with them. Your goal is not to win every single trade, but to be profitable. This is why you need to come up with a plan that will encompass all your principles, goals and assets you want to trade. In other words, you need to create your Binary Options Strategy and not deviate from it. These strategies take time to develop, but it’s important that you stick to their main ideas for a while to see if they work. If they don’t, you can easily tweak them after a while. But the important thing is that you stick to your plan and never allow bad trades or missed opportunities to lead you into a trading frenzy.

Overtrading | Conclusion

Overtrading is something that has probably happened once to all of us, but the less experienced traders are much more exposed to it. Keeping a cool head about your investments is vital and having predetermined rules about the way you’ll behave on the market can help you a lot. That’s why you need to have a sound strategy. If you need help on creating one, there are loads of other educational articles on our website that can help you, so go through them and you’ll improve your trading skills in no time.

Binary Options in a Crisis

Binary options offer a lot of possibilities to traders and they do not behave in the same way as some other financial markets. This latter fact becomes most evident during financial crises, which actually become much less of a threat if you’re engaged in this particular type of trading. As a matter of fact, pretty much any negative shock in the business world can be turned into a profit if you’re not completely detached from the world and follow news at least occasionally. Therefore, trading binary options in a crisis becomes an increasingly interesting proposal. In the rest of this article, we will show you how to make best use of this situation, so read on!

Binary Options in a Crisis | Unique type of trading

Let’s say that you’re investing in stocks of a certain company. This means that you are actually buying those stocks and hoping that their price will go up and bring you profit. However, if that company enters a rough period its stocks will plummet and you will start bleeding money. The same principle applies to all other risk assets. But in binary options trading you’re simply choosing between Call and Put Options, i.e. you are not actually buying the asset itself, but rather trying to predict its behavior. Therefore, trading binary options in a crisis can be an excellent and pretty easy way to start earning even though all other markets are facing difficulties. How? Stay with us and find out.

Binary Options in a Crisis | Everything is clear

When a crisis appears, the only way stocks and indices can go is down. Like we said, in binary options trading you only need to correctly predict how an asset will behave, which is very easy to do in this type of situation. All you have to do is do a bit of research and see which assets will be most affected by the crisis and how long the crisis will last so that you can set your Binary Options Expiry Time. After that, you will have all the variables right there in front of you and the only thing left to do will be to make your choice. On top of all this, the returns are always fixed, which means that you cannot win less when you’re trading binary options in a crisis. No matter what the economic situation is, your profit will always be the same.

Binary Options in a Crisis | Conclusion

So there you have it, that was one of the most important advantages binary options trading can give you, apart from its simplicity, of course. No matter how dire the economic situation is, you can always invest here and even expect some nice profit from it. Trading binary options in a crisis is always a good idea, but if you need more tips about it just take a look at other educational articles we have on this website. They will surely help you find the right strategy.

Binary Options Trading Tips

If you’re new to binary options trading, you may need someone to point you in the right direction and give you some simple guidelines to follow until you get used to your trading environment. That’s what we want to do with this article – to give you some basic binary options trading tips that will make sure you get off to a flying start. After years in this industry, we know what the most common mistakes among new traders are. Fortunately, they can be easily fixed, so if you think you need a bit more info about this topic just read on.

Binary Options Trading Tips | Your strategy

First and foremost, you never want to invest all funds from your trading account in opening one single trade. If that trade doesn’t go as you expect it to, you lose everything. Therefore, our first advice is that you come up with your own Binary Options Strategy. This is one of the most important binary options trading tips we can give you. Your strategy will guide you in selecting your trades and can even eliminate a lot of stress. Simply set up some main principles that you’re willing to follow and do not deviate from them, but do tweak them a bit if you see that this needs to be done. Remember, it takes the time to come up with a good strategy, so don’t let some bad trades get you down. Nobody can win 100% of the time in this industry.

Binary Options Trading Tips | Educate yourself!

Every strategy you create has to be based on some kind of information, so try to get as much of that as possible. No matter if the information comes directly from the market or it turns out to be something that can help you improve your trading skills, never miss a chance to know more. This will help you predict and detect Binary Options Trends much more easily and once you can do that your success rate will go up significantly. Also, try to follow news from the (business) world regularly because those can often show you what to expect in the following days, especially if some big event takes place. Basically, persevere and stay in touch with the market – those are probably the best binary options trading tips we can give you. If you can do that, you will see the number of trades that end up in the money steadily grow.

Binary Options Trading Tips | Conclusion

There really are a huge number of binary options trading tips we can give you, given the size of this industry and the number of elements that can affect it. However, we wanted to keep things nice and simple here and help those of you who are at the very start of your trading journey. If you want more advice, however, we have loads of other educational articles here focusing on various aspects of this type of trading, so make sure you check them out!