Interest rates in trading

If you have ever followed the market for a longer period of time, you know how important interest rates can be. They are the most important way of controlling the currency central banks have at their disposal, so knowing whether these rates will go up or down is of utmost importance to every serious trader. Even new traders can benefit a lot from this type of information because it’s really not that difficult to acquire it and it can help you increase your success rate significantly. We are going to show you everything you need to know about interest rates in trading right here in this article, so sit back and read on!

Interest rates in trading | What to follow?

In order to be able to predict interest rates in trading, you absolutely must follow major economic releases. You can learn their schedule from your Economic Calendar, since the releases are official reports from various government departments, agencies or even independent third parties that provide data about an economy. GDP is a good example of that. What you’re looking for are clues concerning the inflation of the currency you’re interested in. The more information you get from various reports, the clearer the picture will be and you will be able to predict central banks’ moves with greater certainty. Since they are the ones that determine interest rates, you understand why it’s important to stay one step ahead of these institutions. Don’t go away, we’ll explain how they work in the following paragraph.

Interest rates in trading | Up or down?

Now then, if the economic releases are not good and they point to the conclusion that the economy is not developing, the currency of that economy will lose its value. This is because the central bank will lower the interest rates in an effort to get things back on the right track. In this situation, you have a choice between Call and Put Options, but should focus on buying the latter because the currency’s value is very likely to drop. Likewise, if the data is showing that an economy is growing, interests rates and the currency’s value will go up, which is why you want to buy Call options. The key here, however, is to be able to correctly guess how long the trend is going to last and to set the right expiration time. If you can do that, profit is pretty much guaranteed.

Interest rates in trading | Conclusion

Interest rates in trading are one of the most basic things you have to keep an eye on and master if you want to profit from your trades. Various economic releases can help you a lot with that, so make sure you know when the information that concerns the currency you’re interested in is published. Once you can assess what the situation in an economy is, you can predict central bank’s moves with a much bigger certainty. However, there is much more to learn when it comes to trading, so take a look at our other educational articles and see what else you can learn.

Economic Calendar

Out of all trading tools that you can use to improve your success rate, very few can match the importance and usefulness of an economic calendar. This handy list of upcoming market events is absolutely essential for any strategy because it allows you to plan ahead and to fully prepare yourself for all possible outcomes. If you want to be a serious and successful binary options trader, this is something you really must master and we are going to help you do it. In the following few paragraphs, we will tell you everything you need to know about using this important tool, so stay with us and keep reading!

Economic Calendar | Basics

Every decent economic calendar will give you the exact time a Market Event is scheduled to happen. This way, you can plan your trading strategy almost by the minute and be able to react immediately. However, you must also know which currency/economy/industry will be most affected by a market event. Usually, only one country will feel the consequences, but sometimes news can be so important that they affect multiple countries or maybe even the global economy. An economic calendar gives you time to research the consequences of an event. Furthermore, this tool usually has some sort of metric incorporated into it to help you distinguish more important events from those that have little impact. With all this data you can make a fairly accurate prediction, but don’t go away yet – we have more to tell you.

Economic Calendar | Most important parameters

All parameters you get from the market are called economic indicators. This is the data you base your decisions on. However, there are some indicators that are more influential than the rest. GDP is a good example of that because once that is made public, it can change the way investors look at a particular country, especially if the GDP is dropping or increasing quickly. There are also many popular indices you can follow to get some interesting data and other numbers that can help you: retail prices, unemployment rate, and industrial production are all excellent examples of that. Just check your economic calendar to see when these numbers are published and prepare yourself for trading after that. You really don’t want to miss out on them.

Economic Calendar | Conclusion

As you can see, without an economic calendar it becomes nearly impossible to plan things out properly. This very helpful tool allows you to know what’s going to happen in the world economy next and helps you to find a way to predict market movements. See when an event is going to happen, what will be most affected by it and then make your decision. Obviously, keep in mind that not all economic indicators are equally important so that you don’t waste any time unnecessarily. And if you need more educational articles, just take a look around our website some more – there are plenty of them here.

Consumer Price Index CPI

The Consumer Price Index is one of the most important economic releases you as a trader can get your hands on. It essentially shows us how much the cost of living has increased or decreased in a period, which gives everyone a very solid indication of trends in a country’s economy. This index is a vital piece of data upon which whole monetary policies are based, so if you can access it you can predict a lot of moves a government is likely to make. To help you figure things out, we wrote this article in which our experts explain the basics of using this indicator. Therefore, if you want to know more about it, just keep reading!

Consumer Price Index CPI | What do you need to know?

Now, like we said, Consumer Price Index (also known as the CPI) shows the cost of living in a particular country. The elements included in it are things like food, education, recreation, medical care, transport etc – things people use on an everyday basis. You can see when each CPI is released from your Economic Calendar, so you can make prepare yourself and focus on the economy that you’re most familiar with. The importance of this indicator lies in the fact that we can clearly see how strong the inflation is from it. This, in turn, causes the most important financial institutions to react, which is what you can predict thanks to this index. But that’s the topic of our following paragraph.

Consumer Price Index CPI | How can it help you?

If the Consumer Price Index turns out to be significantly above what the central bank has predicted, the bank will increase the interest rates, which will lead to an increase in demand for that currency. Naturally, everybody wants to have in their possession a currency that yields high interest. This is when you want to start buying call options. Of course, the opposite is true as well – low CPI means lower interest rates, so buying put options in this situation is the way to go. In terms of percentages, anything above 2% is viewed as bad for the economy and the same goes for everything below 0, obviously, i.e. when deflation is happening. So when you’re constructing your Binary Options Strategy, always make sure you include this important economic indicator into it.

Consumer Price Index CPI | Conclusion

Consumer Price Index is published regularly by countries’ central financial institutions and it is a very good indicator of inflation. You can easily keep track of the CPIs for every major economy with the help of your economic calendar and then make a move once you get the necessary data. When the CPI is published it will trigger a chain reaction on the market, which means you can predict certain actions based on how big the index is. To learn more about what needs to be done, check out our other articles on this website and get more valuable tips from our experts.

Trend lines

If you want to be a serious and successful trader, knowing how to plot trend lines onto your trading chart is something you absolutely need to master. These lines allow you to identify a trend with a high degree of precision, which means you will always be perfectly prepared to make the right business move. In the following few paragraphs, we will show you the basics you need to know when it comes to this important trading tool. There are several types of lines you need to be aware of, so read on and learn all about them, especially if you’re still new to this type of trading. Let’s go!

Trend lines | Two main types

Just like there are two types of trends, there are also two main types of trend lines – the uptrend (bullish) line and the downtrend (bearish) line. The former are constructed by finding the lowest point a price reaches and then the next higher low and so on. Once you connect all these lows, you will get a straight uptrend line that will show you what to expect in the future. The same principle applies to bearish lines, only you have to find the highest high here and then connect it to the next lower high on your chart. But what do you do once you have these two lines? Well, we’ll analyze that in the following paragraph, so stay with us!

Trend lines | Resistance and support

The most important concept trend lines can help you with is the concept of resistance and support. You see, if you plot highs and lows with these lines on the same Binary Options Chart, you will create a corridor in which your price is very likely to remain in the foreseeable future. The stronger the Binary Options Trend is, the bigger the chance for this corridor to maintain its viability. However, for determining support and resistance levels, you don’t necessarily need more than one point – you can simply find the highest high and/or the lowest low and then create a horizontal line going through one of these points. You will also want to determine how long a price will go without breaking these lines and how many times it touches them, but again without breaking them. The longer the time period and the more times the price touches these line, the stronger the indication is.

Trend lines | Conclusion

Trend lines are something all traders need to be familiar with if they want to achieve success on the market. They help you determine where a price is heading and how strong the trend you’re monitoring is. Creating a corridor with these lines will usually give you a very good idea of what to expect and show you which levels a price is unlikely to break. If you want more useful tips like this, stay on our website and browse around. There are many more educational articles here.

Call and Put options

If you have never traded binary options before and don’t know anything about the way it works, this article is a great place to start learning. We decided to write it when we realized that many people are actually asking us one and the same thing – what are call and put options? In short, they are the most basic concept in this particular type of trading and something that is fairly easy to understand. However, when you scratch the surface a bit, you encounter so much more that needs to be explored, so we thought it would be a good idea to point you in the right direction. Read on and learn everything you need to know.

Call and Put options | How they work

Call and put options are direct opposites of each other. They represent two types of trades you can open with any broker in the most basic trading mode. If you buy call options, this means you expect the price of your asset to be higher when the trade reaches its Binary Options Expiry Time than it was when you invested. On the other hand, buying put options means you expect the price to be lower when the trade closes. In any case, if your prediction turns out to be correct, you win. All trades of this kind have a fixed payout you get in case you get things right and that’s usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 85%. But this is just the main principle of binary options trading. Stay with us to get a glimpse of what else to expect.

Call and Put options | Many variations

Apart from what we described in the previous paragraph, you can encounter many other different trading modes in your broker’s offer. You can have things like One Touch, Ladder and maybe even some kind of social trading at your disposal, but everything always boils down to those two choices, hence the name binary options. The main advantage of this type of trading is that you don’t have to worry about the state of the market  – no matter if it’s booming or dropping like a rock, if you get your predictions right, you will get paid. Obviously, to be a successful trader, you need to create your trading strategy. Understanding how call and put options work is the first step towards that goal.

Call and Put options | Conclusion

As you can see, there really is nothing too difficult to understand about this topic. Essentially all you have to do is to decide whether a price will go up or down. Just don’t base your predictions on pure luck. Study the market and come up with a sound strategy to increase your chances for success. We are here to help you with all that. Take a look at other helpful articles we have on this website and make another step in the right direction.

PWRtrade Review

Since this broker has been around for years, PWRtrade has collected a big number of loyal clients thanks to their top-class trading offer. Trading with this company will allow you to access a ground-breaking platform, rich education academy and highly capable support. Paired with versatile account packages and great money transfer options, it’s pretty obvious why this broker saw such huge success in the binary options industry. In this PWRtrade review, we will take a deeper look at the broker’s features, analyzing them and comparing them to other prominent brokers on the market. Do you think that PWRtrade might become your next broker of choice? Read on and see what it offers!

PWRtrade Review | Account Packages

Choosing your account type will greatly affect your trading experience, since every package offers different features. Therefore, we decided to start our PWRtrade analysis by giving you a brief overview of available account types. Five different packages are at your disposal, the most accessible one being the Bronze account. It guarantees up to 82% returns, without any hidden trading fees or commissions. You’ll be able to access full-featured desktop and mobile platforms, including the social-based PWR Follow trading module. The Silver account is considered to be the best option for newcomers, since it includes a 50% welcome bonus and 5 risk-free trades. It will also grant you 2 private meetings with a personal broker and exclusive access to advanced educational libraries. The Gold package lowers the withdrawal processing time from 7 to 5 days and increases the investment of risk-free trades to 1000$. Furthermore, it will enable you to receive in-platform signals, alerts and news, while also giving you access to educational webinars. Platinum and Diamond account are reserved for experienced traders who are able to invest larger amounts of money. They increase your ROI to 87%, while giving you access to advanced trading interface and a chance to win various gifts. To conclude, each account type has its own advantages, so it’s safe to say that everyone should be able to find their ideal one. But prior to choosing the account, let’s see which banking options are supported.

PWRTrade Account Types
PWRTrade Account Types

PWRtrade Review | Banking Options

Banking options are extremely important to all traders, since people need to know their money will always arrive safely to its destination. This part of PWRtrade review will take a detailed look at the options broker has prepared for its clients. Shortly after you create your trading account, you’ll be asked to deposit some funds in order to activate it and start trading. The minimum amount is set to 250$, which is a fairly average amount when compared to other brokers. Deposits can be made by using Visa and MasterCard cards, as well as wire transfers, and they will be immediately processed. Therefore, your account will become active in a matter of minutes. You can perform PWRtrade withdrawals via major credit cards, wire transfers and various electronic wallets, such as Neteller or CashU. Bear in mind that all withdrawals exceeding the amount of 100$ will be sent to you by wire transfer, accompanied by some minor processing fees. All withdrawals will be processed within 5 to 7 business days, depending on your chosen method. However, prior to submitting your withdrawal request, you’ll have to perform some actions in order to prove your identity. The next part of this PWRtrade review will thoroughly explain the required procedure, so keep on reading!

PWRTrade Deposit Page
PWRTrade Deposit Page

PWRtrade Review | Compliance and Security

Strict compliance procedures exist to prevent brokers from making any dishonest moves against traders. If a broker does not follow compliance rules, it’s highly probable that it will trick you. Fortunately, PWRtrade is one of the good guys, since the compliance procedure is mandatory for all newly registered traders. It has to be completed prior to sending in the first withdrawal request, which is actually pretty easy to do. You simply have to send 3 types of documents – a colored copy of your personal identification document (passport or ID), a proof of address in a form of any bill displaying your residential address, and a proof of payment method. This is all pretty standard procedure among many brokers and it prevents money laundering and identity theft, meaning that both your funds and personal information will be safe here.

PWRTrade Safety Of Funds
PWRTrade Safety Of Funds

How safe? Well, as stated in our Is PWRtrade a Scam article, all sensitive pages are secured with SSL encryption, and personal funds are held in a segregated account. It means that your funds will remain intact even in the event of broker’s bankruptcy or insolvency. All in all, you can trade here without worrying for a second. But what will you be trading on? That’s what we’re going to show you in the next paragraph.

PWRtrade Review | Platform

Trading platform is this broker’s strongest feature, as this final part of PWRtrade review will surely show. Over 120 different assets, payout rates reaching 189% and quality trading tools will impress you momentarily. The layout is well-designed and intuitive, incorporating as much as seven different trading modes. Apart from pretty standard ones, you’ll find a separate Forex trading platform there, as well as PWR Follow, where you can track and copy trades from most successful traders. The platform is highly customizable, and many trading tools will surely help you make correct market predictions. There are many educational materials present on the website as well, so you can consult them if you happen to need some advice. Also, the customer support team is there for you at any time. Honestly, we have nothing but words of praise for everything this broker has done and that’s how we’ll conclude this article.

PWRTrade Trading Platform
PWRTrade Trading Platform

PWRtrade Review | Conclusion

Considering the facts you’ve just read in this PWRtrade review, it’s safe to say that we’re dealing with a broker sensation here. Superb trading package and various features, topped with impenetrable security system will surely delight you. But you can’t know for sure if you don’t try, can you? So go on, open a free trading account right now and prepare to be completely amazed!

PWRtrade Withdrawal

PWRtrade is a binary options broker that has been around for quite a while and has consequently attracted a very significant number of traders. Their success came as a result of diverse trading offer, great support and many other interesting options designed to improve your trading experience. Many options are available when you’re making your PWRtrade withdrawal too, so we’ll take a look at how this process works and show you what to expect. After all, getting the profit you make to your bank account is the most important part of trading – you certainly don’t want any troubles here. Allow our experts to show you what needs to be done in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. Read on!

PWRTrade Withdrawal | Many available methods

Like we said, you really have a lot of options with this process, especially when it comes to PWRtrade withdrawal methods. They can be divided into three groups – bank transfers, credit/debit cards and e-wallets – which may not seem impressive at first, but when you scratch the surface it becomes a completely different story. MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Delta, Neteller, CashU, Union Pay and many other methods are supported, meaning you really shouldn’t have any problems choosing the one that suits you best, They all work perfectly fine (we tested all of them), but you can read more about the broker’s overall reliability in our Is PWRtrade a Scam? analysis. The bottom line is that you have loads of possibilities in this respect, so let’s now move on and take a look at the requirements.

PWRTrade Withdrawal Page
PWRTrade Withdrawal Page

PWRTrade Withdrawal | Features

First of all, you need to remember that your account has to be verified if you want to be able to withdraw. After that, you need to fill out and sign a withdrawal form and send it to the broker. It will be processed quickly, but it may take up to seven more days for the money to reach you. However, the minimum PWRtrade withdrawal amount is only $50, lower than what many other brokers have to offer. On top of that, there are no withdrawal fees here either, which makes the whole thing even better. Naturally, all your data will be encrypted by SSL encryption, so you can rest assured nobody will be able to access that information except you yourself. All in all, PWRtrade withdrawal is a completely reliable process, but if you want to see what else these guys have to offer, read our PWRtrade Review 2017.

PWRTrade Trading Platform
PWRTrade Trading Platform

PWRTrade Withdrawal | Conclusion

To summarize, PWRtrade withdrawal is a process worthy of the best brokers in the business. Completely safe, with loads of available methods and no withdrawal fees, it puts traders first and wants to make sure they have no troubles accessing their money. It also has a low requirement, so you don’t have to worry about when you’ll be able to withdraw. Therefore, if you want a serious business partner, open an account with this company. It’s the right move to make.

Is PWRtrade a Scam?

PWRtrade is a well-known and acclaimed brand in the world of options trading. Founded by a team of expert market analysts and trading consultants, this broker distinguishes itself from all others thanks to its very interesting features. These mainly have to do with versatile, cross-platform trading interface which includes various trading modes and assets. In addition, PWRtrade also offers various banking methods, custom-tailored account packages and an extensive educational resources repository. Although it may seem like a fantastic offer, you just can’t be sure if you don’t try it for yourself. That’s what we did – using a series of complex, thorough tests and analyses, we wanted to find out is PWRtrade a scam or a perfectly reliable broker. And to be honest, the results came as a bit of a shock to us. Read our comprehensive article and discover if it’s really safe to trade with this company!

Is PWRtrade a Scam? | Fund allocation

In order to truly test PWRtrade security, the first thing we decided to do was to check the banking options offered by the broker. Right from the start, we were astonished by the number of methods at our disposal. It’s all there – credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets ranging from Skrill and Sofort to GiroPay. The minimum amount required to open an account is 250$, which is pretty much the standard in this industry. The great thing is that these methods are available for PWRtrade Withdrawal as well, so you have the freedom to choose your favorite method for each money transfer. However, bear in mind that withdrawals amounting to more than 100$ will be processed using wire transfer. Also, the broker may need up to 7 business days to deliver the money to you, so don’t worry if your funds are not momentarily visible in your bank account. We tested all of the aforementioned banking methods for both withdrawals and deposit and are happy to say that all our requests were processed and accepted without any problems. So, is PWRtrade a scam when it comes to banking? Judging by our experience, definitely not. But are there some other ways a PWRtrade scam can occur? Stay with us and find out!

PWRTrade Deposit Page
PWRTrade Deposit Page

Is PWRtrade a Scam? | Security and compliance

Now that we’ve analyzed the banking methods, it’s time to look for traces of security issues by testing the broker’s safety protocols. Fortunately, our tests have proven that PWRtrade has a secure website, completely immune to all kinds of threats. There are several reasons why this is so. All sensitive pages are kept safe thanks to a very strong SSL encryption, so your personal information will always be encoded and unavailable to anyone else. Furthermore, deposited funds are always kept in a segregated account, separate from the company’s own resources. That way, your money will remain intact regardless of what happens with the broker, and you can rest assured that no one will confiscate your earnings. Due to PWRtrade’s anti money-laundering policy, only one account is allowed per person, and it can be controlled only by one person. This makes sure no one can access your trading account but yourself. And finally, compliance measures require that you provide personal documents prior to making your first withdrawal. These include proofs of identity, residence and payment, which is considered to be a standard procedure among highly secure brokers. We honestly can’t find any evidence of PWRtrade fraud here, but is the situation the same for other features? What about the company’s trading platform? Read on!

PWRTrade Compliance
PWRTrade Compliance

Is PWRtrade a Scam? | Trading Interface

Trading platform is every broker’s dominant feature, so it has to be completely legit, without any suspicious behavior or unrealistic asset prices. We conducted numerous test trades to see whether PWRtrade platform work properly, and the results were once again great. SpotOption is the software in charge of everything here, and if you know anything about binary options, you know that this is currently the most reliable trading software in the world. All available assets are divided into sub-categories, so that it’s easier for you to find the one you want to trade with. You can choose between eight different trading modes, ranging from standard ones like Pairs and Long Term to more exotic ones like Ladder. Forex platform is present as well, and the Follow feature will enable you to track and mimic trades placed by well-respected traders. All of these trading modes function absolutely flawlessly, with a constant stream of fresh data coming your way (courtesy of Reuters), so you will be able to enjoy trading here with absolutely no worries. More information about trading platform can be found in our PWRtrade Review 2017 article, but there is still one more important thing we have to check. Is the broker’s support on the same high level?

PWRTrade Pairs
PWRTrade Pairs

Is PWRtrade a Scam? | Education and Support

All available educational materials are grouped in a repository named PWRtrade Academy. Here you will find many interesting resources that will surely boost your trading skills. In-depth courses cover both beginner and advanced strategies, while video materials deal with basic trading principles and platform features. You’ll also be able to learn all about social trading and economics here. Finally, three different e-Books containing valuable information about binary market, advanced strategies and platform principles are also available. All materials are of top quality, so this is a perfect place to broaden your knowledge and a great proof of how seriously this broker approaches its clients. In addition, PWRtrade support team has also proven itself to be highly skilled in solving all our requests and capable of answering all our questions. This can also tell us a lot when it comes to checking is PWRtrade a scam, and they can be contacted via email, phone, chat and contact form, with all communication channels working perfectly. As a matter of fact, our inquiries were processed and responded to in a matter of minutes every single time.

PWRTrade Contact
PWRTrade Contact

Is PWRtrade a Scam? | Conclusion

So, is PWRtrade a scam? As you can see, our analysis has clearly proven that this broker is legit and safe to trade with. All analyzed features are of exceptional quality, and they surpass other brokers’ offers in many respects. Therefore, we can only recommend that you open a free trading account now and start trading with PWRtrade. You will be delighted with the trading experience and you will never have to worry about any security issues.


When conducting an analysis of your chart, there are many different tools you can use to get a clearer picture of the situation on the market. Oscillators are among the most important ones. They usually appear in a separate window on your screen, which makes them fairly easy to use. We are here to show you what you need to know about them because they can provide you with a whole lot of very useful information. That’s why we urge new traders to read these articles because skipping something like this can seriously cripple you in your trading ventures. Stay with us and learn the basics of using these important trading tools.

Oscillators | Main advantages

The main advantage of binary options oscillators is that they take into account a longer period of time. This gives you a much better picture when analyzing the market and you should always prioritize these tools over the actual price because prices give you a much narrower view. It is easier to avoid making mistakes that way. One other thing oscillators are very good for is determining oversold and overbought levels because you then know when to buy call and put options respectively. However, keep in mind that this only applies to strong Binary Options Trends, since you cannot rely on the role oversold and overbought areas have if a trend is unravelling. But there is one more way oscillators can help you, so keep reading!

Oscillators | Continuation patterns

Binary options oscillators can also help you establish continuation patterns precisely because they accurately show overbought and oversold areas. Just take the highest and the lowest point your oscillator reaches and draw a horizontal line right in the middle of them. When the market breaks that line, you can expect it keep going in the same direction until it reaches one of the two previously mentioned areas. If the line is broken from the bottom up, you want to invest in call options, if it’s broken from the top down, you want put options. Simple, right? One of the most common oscillators to be used this way is the RSI (Relative Strength Index), so if you have the chance, give it a go and try it out. It won’t take you long to grasp the main idea, and the rewards could be big.

Oscillators | Conclusion

As you can see, oscillators are really not that difficult to use, but they provide you with a lot of important data and can help you a lot in making the right decision. They analyze longer periods of time and because of that they can give you a better estimate of future market behavior. This is especially important when you’re analyzing overbought and oversold levels, which is where these tools excel. But don’t forget about other important trading lessons. Browse around our website and you’ll quickly find more of them.

How to control trading fear?

When you’re a trader, a certain amount of fear is not only expected, but also very healthy. It’s what keeps you from frittering all your money away. However, there are traders who sometimes can’t control their trading fear, which prevents them from carrying on and opening new trades. This is what we want to talk about here; we want to help you beat that fear because there are some pretty good tips that can help you a lot if you have this problem. Everything is very simple and can be implemented immediately, so stay with us and see how you can become a better and more focused trader.

Trading Fear | Keeping it real

First of all, and hold on to your charts ladies and gentlemen, achieving a 100% success rate with your trades is practically impossible. There are simply too many variables and the market is simply too complex for anyone to be right every single time. However, that does not mean you cannot achieve profit. Once you come to terms with the fact that no trader is able to correctly predict every single trade, you will realize that you need a sound trading strategy to minimize the chance for a loss. Once you come up with that strategy, you need to trust it completely and be aware that it will take some time before you can see just how good your plan is. With time, you will fine-tune your system and achieve even better results and your trading fear will gradually disappear.charts ladies and gentlemen, achieving a 100% success rate with your trades is practically impossible. There are simply too many variables and the market is simply too complex for anyone to be right every single time. However, that does not mean you cannot achieve profit. Once you come to terms with the fact that no trader is able to correctly predict every single trade, you will realize that you need a sound trading strategy to minimize the chance for a loss. Once you come up with that strategy, you need to trust it completely and be aware that it will take some time before you can see just how good your plan is. With time, you will fine-tune your system and achieve even better results and your trading fear will gradually disappear.

Trading Fear | Diversify your trades

Given that a wrong prediction will lose you the whole amount you invest in a trade, one of the most basic things you can do to protect yourself is to open multiple trades which will then serve as something you can fall back on if you miss. This should also alleviate your trading fear because this way you’re never out of the game completely. Just remember that it’s never recommended to invest everything you have in your account balance in one trade. Of course, you choose the trades in accordance with available information and your trading strategy. Some traders even use trading robots to avoid too much stress altogether, so that’s another option you might want to consider. The most important thing is that you achieve profit at the end of the day.

Trading Fear | Conclusion

To conclude, trading fear is experienced by all traders, but it’s up to you to keep it under control. Devising a specific trading system or coming up with your trading strategy can help you a lot with that. Just remember that nobody can be right 100% of the time in this business, so overall profit is what you should be aiming for. Because of that, investing everything in one single trade is not something we would recommend. Diversify and you will have a much better chance to improve your trading account balance. And if you need any help in preparing yourself for trading, we have many other educational articles right here on this website.