Is GOptions a Scam?

It has been 7 years since GOptions was founded, and during this period the broker has established itself as one of the best options for all clients on the binary options market. With 220 available assets, numerous choices both in account types and trading options, it is no wonder so many have flocked to this trading platform in search of the best possible trading environment. However, there are those who still wonder is GOptions a scam of some kind and we are here to set things straight. Read on and you will see what our experts have to say after examining the broker’s security system.


If we want to find out is GOptions a scam, we need to examine all vital parts of this broker’s offer and their trading platform certainly seems like a good place to start. As we have already said, the number of assets is quite impressive, but does everything function as it’s supposed to? Fortunately, it does! We can thank SpotOption software for that because this is the most popular and most reliable trading software in the world at the moment. We traded on this platform for quite some time and there were absolutely no glitches, lags or anything of the sort. Just a smooth and pleasurable trading experience with the latest and most accurate prices. You won’t be losing out on a trade here because your platform malfunctions, we can tell you that for a fact. If you want to know more about the platform’s features, read our GOptions Review 2016 – everything you need to know is there, but this is not the only feature that can tell us is GOptions a scam, so read on!

GOptions Trading Platform
GOptions Trading Platform


Upon first glance at the website of this broker, we were left with the impression that it is very accessible and intuitive to use. However, it was our in-depth analysis that showed us the true genius behind this broker. This wonderful website is not only user-friendly, it is also protected by the best security systems in the industry. The SSL encryption technology employed by this broker is one of the best in this sector in protecting your personal and financial information. Additionally, GOptions has the GoDaddy certificate, meaning that it fulfills the highest internet security standards. In other words, both your GOptions deposit and GOptions Withdrawal will be perfectly safe. We tested all available methods (credit cards, wire transfers and online payments) and they all check out. Our money reached its destination every single time. So if you were to ask us is GOptions a scam, after all we have seen we would have to say no.


GOptions is a perfectly reliable and trustworthy broker. They have been in the business for seven years now, and that can also be taken a sign of their quality. We firmly believe that you don’t have to worry about is GOption a scam or not. They have proven themselves, not just in our analysis, but also on the market. So if you want a quality broker, open an account right here.

GOptions Withdrawal

As one of the first in the business, GOptions offers many possibilities that will make your trading safe, fast and very enjoyable. The company is also constantly improving their service to make it more and more reliable. Constant improvement of their software and services has lead to many awards, and this broker has been recognized all around the world for its excellence. With their headquarters in London, they have been in the game since 2009 and have always been one step ahead of the rest of the industry. The same can be said for GOptions withdrawal, which will be examined by our experts in this article. Read on and learn all about it.


Apart from many benefits that include constant promotions, easy access and communication with the staff, and simple and fast tutorials, the broker offers a wide range of convenient and reliable withdrawal methods. One category is via Credit/Debit Cards and these include Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard brands. You can also use wire transfers which eliminate the need for payment services because this way you’re sending money directly from your trading account to your bank account. Online money transfers can also be made, and there are several great options for that – Skrill, Neteller and Webmoney are all at your disposal. As you can see, there are more than enough ways to make your GOptions withdrawal. However, let’s see if there are any requirements for this process.

GOptions WithdrawalGOptions Withdrawal
GOptions Withdrawal


All your personal and financial data are protected by SSL encryption (certified by GODDADY), which means that you are completely secure during your time here. If you’re still not sure Is GOptions a Scam, we have an article dedicated solely to their security system, so go and check it out. The minimum GOptions withdrawal is 100 units of your chosen currency (USD, EUR, SGD, CAD, AUD, and GBP are accepted) and no fee is applied to withdrawals via credit card as long as you don’t trigger any dormancy rules. However, any withdrawal using bank transfers will accompany a processing fee of 25 units of your currency. Also, there is a limited number of withdrawals you can complete each month, and this depends on the size of your initial deposit. For example, with the deposit which is less than $5000, you will be able to make one GOptions withdrawal per month, for more than $5000 you get 2 etc. For more interesting features this broker has available, be sure to check out our Goptions Review 2016.

GOptions Trading Platform
GOptions Trading Platform


In the end, we can’t find anything GOptions withdrawal lacks, which just goes to show why this broker has survived on the market for this long. This process is fast, easy and simple and the company is constantly working on improvements to offer a better trading experience to their clients. So go ahead and open one of five available account types because you are surely in for a trading treat after you do so.

Binary Options for Dummies | Signals

Binary options trading industry is growing very quickly and it can sometimes be pretty hard to find the right deal on the market. Numerous types of trading are combined with a huge number of assets, so it’s easy to miss a good opportunity when it appears. That’s where binary options signals come in. In this article, we will explain the basic principles behind them and show you how to use this tool to increase your trading efficiency. These signals are a pretty widespread occurrence in this industry, so you should know what to look out for and how to approach them. Read on and see what you can learn from us.

Binary Options Signals | What are they?

So, what are binary options signals? Well, they are basically tips from your signals provider on how to trade. They are meant to point out good deals to you and improve your Binary Options Trading. However, given the fact that the market can be extremely volatile and thus unpredictable, signals are never 100% accurate. They are predictions. True, they are often made by trading experts, but they are still only predictions. That’s why we call them tips and that’s why you shouldn’t base your entire trading strategy on them. If you have an idea where to invest, see if the signals’ predictions match your hunch and then decide. Sure, binary options signals can give you some nice hints, but they will not be correct all the time. Finding a provider with a high success rate is what everything is about here.

Binary Options Signals | How to use them?

How do binary options signals usually look? Well, once you get a signal, you will see the asset to which it applies, the signal’s entry value, expiry time and the option. Only once the asset reaches the entry value will the signal become triggered and you should choose the course of action stated in the signal. If your asset does not reach the entry value, this does not apply. Also, keep track of the expiry time because some Binary Options Brokers might not allow you to close your trade at a particular time. In that case you should also avoid listening to the signal because the prices can change quickly and if the signal’s expiry time is set to 3 p.m., for example, and the broker does not allow you to close the trade by 4 p.m., the situation on the market can change drastically.

Binary Options Signals | Conclusion

In any case, binary options signals can be a very helpful tool if you get them from a reliable provider, but do not expect them to be right 100% of the time – that is simply not possible. They can, however, improve your success rate and give you some ideas about which assets to follow, so signing up for them may be a good idea, especially because you can often get them for free. Be sure to check the provider first, so that you can see what to expect.

Binary Options for Dummies | Scams

Given the fact that binary options trading is done completely online, more and more people are becoming involved in this industry every single day. New traders and brokers keep popping up, but there are individuals among the latter who want to cheat honest people out of their hard-earned money. They commit binary options scams and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. People new to this type of trading are sometimes afraid of getting scammed, but the truth is that only a small portion of available brokers are dishonest. However, the damage scammers do to this industry’s reputation is significant, so we are here to set things straight. Read on and learn how to avoid trouble.

Binary Options Scams | Problem

If you don’t know what to look for, binary options scams can be pretty hard to detect because scammers will do their best to look like a reliable company and to provide their victims with a full Binary Options Trading experience. They will allow you to deposit your money with them, but once you do that it will already be too late because they won’t allow you to withdraw the money back. Quite the contrary, when you file in a withdrawal request they may offer you some additional deals to keep you interested and maybe persuade you to deposit even more. Inexperienced traders find this pretty hard to resist and they get caught up in a very intricate scam. Fortunately, there are some pretty sure-fire ways to avoid binary options scams and we are going to show them to you in the following paragraph.

Binary Options Scams | Solution

No matter if you just want to trade or avoid binary options scams, knowledge is your best weapon in this industry and it can be gained from various sources. Our website is a great example of that because here you have first-hand analyses from various trading experts. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to check are your prospective Binary Options Brokers regulated (by CySEC, for example) or not. If they are, this means that they have passed some security tests and that they are allowed to conduct their business in the country where that regulatory agency operates. You should also see what other traders have to say about a broker. Trading forums like can be a great source of information and you can get some valuable advice from people there. Obviously, you have to assess for yourself how reliable these people actually are, but at the end of the day forums are quite useful.

Binary Options Scams | Conclusion

In the end, although binary options scams are present on the market, we can say that they only form a small part of the trading community. Knowledge is your best way to avoid them and you can learn a lot from various sources. Make sure you check your broker thoroughly before making a deposit and everything will be all right. This industry has gained huge popularity for a very good reason and once you find a reliable broker you will be in for a great experience. Who knows, maybe you even start a new career.

Is 10trade a scam

Hacked by Mister klioHacked by Mister klio

10trade is a fairly new but well known binary options trading platform. That platform is known for its transparency and straightforwardness when handling its clients. 10trade strives for nothing less than perfection and gives traders so many benefits and security. When it comes to choosing a trading platform, many traders are worried about the legitimacy of it and thankfully 10trade members do not have to worry. After conducting our in depth 10trade Scam and Security of funds Inspection, we are proud to say that this broker is dependable.

10trade is licensed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and has a high payout rate of 81% on successful trades. This platform is far from a scam and has helped traders all over the world make major monetary increases. They are committed to make trading simple by having a modest interface and giving its clients numerous perks. Some benefits include, automatic welcome bonus for all account types, several different trading options, over 200 tradable assets, and pristine customer service. Beginner traders can also take advantage of an enriching educational academy 10trade provides that includes eBooks, webinars and daily and weekly market reviews.

Is 10trade a scam | Security of funds on 10trade

Traders can get started trading on this platform by only depositing $200 USD and receive an initial welcome bonus regardless of what account type they choose, which is enjoyable. 10trade provides clients with 5 different account packages which benefits each type of trader, rookie or veteran. Since 10trade is CySEC regulated, it guarantees security when depositing and withdrawing funds online. Traders are able to use various methods for funds such as credit/debit cards, wire transfers, CashU, iDeal and BitCoin. All customer transactions are secured by 128-bit SSL encryption which enables proper identification from a customer in order to open an account and even withdraw funds.

Another important aspect for traders is being able to withdraw funds freely. Traders are able to do so via credit card or wire transfer by sending an email with a filled out a “withdrawal request” form. It is also nice to see that clients are allowed one free wire transfer per month and free credit card withdrawals. To avoid money laundering problems which are prominent in this industry, 10trade makes sure funds go into the right hands. Proper identification verifying accounts are necessary for withdrawal and a request is processed within 3-7 days which is quicker than the majority of other brokers.


Binary Options Trading for Beginners

In the world of commerce, online digital trading allows the trader to make some significant amount of money through stock and shares, currencies, indices, commodities, etc. All of these underlying assets, promise a good amount pay off if you conduct the trading skillfully and methodically. Otherwise, the outcome will be nothing at all.  Before you jump on the wagon of binary trading, you have to go through a proper and thorough education on binary options. So, in this article, we are providing a well-guided tutelage, to save you from burning your finger.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners | From where, a beginner should start?

It is quite a topsy-turvy for the newcomers, from which point they would probably start learning binary options. One can not learn it overnight. A concrete plan and a few simple steps can pull you out from this utter muddle:

First, you must learn the basic theory of binary options trading; learn the function of the candlesticks and charts.

Second, go through the basic trading strategies available online.

And third, test the chosen strategy on a demo account.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners | What is the basic theory of binary options?

First, make sure that you seriously want to enter in this business arena. Therefore, before you jump your heads down, you have to learn about the basic theory of binary options trading. If your will power is strong enough, then it will not be a hard nut to crack.

While trading for the first time, acquiring all the initial information and knowledge about options trading is very crucial. The best way to learn the primary knowledge is to sign up to any of the many free educational brokers websites. They provide enough information covering up all the important topics that a beginner should know. Here, our primary concern is to provide the newcomers, the basics to some extent.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners | The meaning of binary option

In short, a binary option is nothing but a trading contract, with a fixed risk and a fixed return. There are many types of binary options—Call/Put, Pairs, Boundary, Ladder, One touch, etc. Amongst them, the Call/Put option is mostly preferable.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners | Call option in a bull market

The term “bull market”, refers to a financial market of a group of securities, where the price of the contract or option is going upwards. A call option is used, when the market maker predicts, the price of the underlying asset is rising above the current price. So, definitely, a call option is related to the bull market. In binary options trading, the price of an underlying asset inclines to rise and fall in the blink of an eye. Analyzing the market details, if you find that the market is steadily standing on a bullish point, then, there is a possibility to rise in the price. It is the best time to attempt the call option.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners | Put option in a bear market

The term “bear market”, refers to a financial market of a group of securities, where the price of the contract or option moves downward. A put option is used, when the market maker predicts that the price of the underlying asset is going to fall below the current price. It is clear; a put option is related to the bear market and just the opposite to the call option. Analyzing the market details, if the price of the underlying asset is moving towards a steady bearish point, then it is time to undertake a put option. Always try to keep a watchful eye on your option, even a tiny fluctuation of price can make the option expire out of money.

It is a tough job for a beginner to analyze whether the market is a bull or a bear. We recommend the beginners a thorough understanding of the candlestick chart patterns.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners | What is a candlestick?

A candlestick is a type of indicator, forecasting the price direction of the asset. Therefore, the candlestick is comprised of information and the candlestick chart (made of many candlesticks) shows the high, low, opening and closing prices of a contract for a single day.  If you understand the formation of the candlestick chart along with the wicks, it will be much easier for you to analyze the price movements in near future.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners | How to identify candlesticks chart pattern?

The structural formation of the candlestick charts can show you the intensity of the buying or selling pressure on the option. The red or filled bodies stand for the pressure on buying while the green or empty bodies stand for the pressure on selling.

When the body of the red candle is engulfed within the open and close of the next green candles, there lies a great possibility for the movement from the downward to upward. Hence, a bullish one, and the call option come forth.

The bearish pattern seems to be just the opposite of this. When, a green candle gets engulfed by a red candle’s open and close, the possible movement is from upward to downward. It is definitely, a bearish pattern and put option is preferable.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners |  Strategies for Beginners

Support and Resistance– This strategy is the most popular among the newcomers. According to this strategy, you have to identify the right spot first. Then place the call trades in the support area and the put trades in the resistance area. Now, the question is, how to identify which area is support and which area is resistance? Folks, the only way to identify this, are, to notice the price movements in older areas. So, it will be easy for you, to predict the price movement when the price comes back to these areas. To conclude, we can say that, following this strategy, you have to predict the future analyzing the past.

Follow the trend— In finance, the word ”trend” means ”a direction” — in which the price of the underlying asset changes. Following the trend, you can determine the direction of your trade through creating an uptrend and a downtrend line. If you intend to draw an uptrend line, then figure out the higher high points, and the higher low points. Now, draw a line connecting one corner to another; connecting two higher lows. This uptrend line shows the price is going upward. It is time to call the call option.

The downtrend is just the opposite of uptrend. If you want to draw a Downtrend line, figure out the lower high point and lower low points first. Draw a line, connecting two corners. If you see the formation of lower lows, then it represents the downtrend. Your trade is moving downward. Use a put option.

MACD Histogram Entry Strategy— MACD indicator and the signals from it, help the traders to determine the trend of their trade. And MACD Histogram is the difference between the MACD and the signal line. MACD entry strategy has become popular among the newbie for its straightforwardness and simplicity. The green histogram or the ”bar chart’’ refers to the difference between the MACD and Signal line. When the MACD goes above the signal line, the bar is positive. If the MACD is under the signal line, it means that bar is negative.

When, the price of an option, moves strongly towards the direction, then the histogram increases in height. And when, the market slows down, the histogram begins to shrink.

If the MACD histogram is below the zero line, it is definitely then a buy signal. When the histogram moves above the zero line, it is a sell signal.

Focus on a single asset— An asset, is nothing but a resource having positive economic value. In binary trading, the option or contract is based on the underlying asset. It is the changing of the price of the underlying asset that decides whether the option will expire ‘‘in the money or out of money”. So, from the pile of different types of underlying assets, you have to choose the suitable one for you. There are four types of assets out there: commodities, currency pairs, stock, and indices. The trading hours, option types, and even payouts depend on which an asset you select. If you are sure choosing your asset, then gather every single possible information about your asset—past trend, chart pattern, economic impact, the timing of the call and put, etc. And it is possible only when if you focus on a single asset. Some people believe in diversity, but I, think that, in the long run, constancy in a single asset will bring you success.

There are many other strategies out there, telling you what to do and don’t. But honestly, no method or strategy can make you rich overnight. They can only help you in managing your money and risk factors. The key to making your success tangible only depends on tenacity, professional discipline and, of course, a thorough and proper education on binary options trading. And the moment you sense that you are ready to dive in, you have to choose a broker, and trading platform.

Binary Options Trading for Beginners |  Broker Selection

It is quite a difficult job to choose a right broker to execute your trade. Binary options trading offers you so many brokers from every nooks and corner of the world. Among them, some are swindler-types, and some of them are doing a phenomenal job discussing with you every possibility to make a profit or to lose your money. Every broker’s offering varies to another— different quality of services, free signals, demo account, strategies, and bonus system. We suggest, do not be in a rush to deposit your money without considering the following factors:

1) Select a trading platform that is multilingual and offers you software, tools of high usability. In binary options trading, you do not afford to lose even a single moment. So, you need fast-paced and easy to use software, which acts promptly. Besides, the platform, should offer you the advanced binary options features (hedging, sell back, roll over, double up etc.) that will enable you to control the risk factors and increase the profit.

2) Make sure, the broker you choose, offers you a wide range of assets of the different exchanges. If you want to trade in currency pairs, then check out whether your broker has a miscellaneous collection of currency pairs or not. If the broker does not have the asset, you want to trade with, then why are you wasting your time?

3) Please check the types of the option the broker is providing. The Call/Put option is not the only one out there. There exist other types of options also, such as Pairs, Boundary, Ladder, One touch, Short term expires, Long term expires, etc. So keep your eyes open.

4) While choosing a broker, the rate of return or profit and bonuses is the most important thing. This factor is all-importance. If one broker offers you 84% return, and the other is offering you 86%, then, of course, you should go with the first one. Even the 2% difference means a lot in binary options trading. Getting bonus depends on how much you trade and increase your deposits. A few brokers even offer 100% bonus on your deposits. Moreover, a good end efficient broker always allows the trader to choose the expiry time himself.

Above all, you have to be rational. If you take decisions being emotional, you will never survive for long. So, considering all these factors, if you think that you are ready to enter into this business arena, invest your money and hit the button to execute your trade.

Introduction to Binary Options Trading

Online digital trading allows the trader to make some significant amount of money through stock and shares, currencies, indices, commodities (such as Gold, Silver and crude oil, etc.). All of these underlying assets, promise a good amount pay off if you conduct the trading skillfully and methodically. And, during the past few years, binary options or contracts have proved themselves the most profitable financial tool dominating the global stock or forex market. Trading binary options, you can earn a maximum profit through investing a minimum capital and time. Here, you are free to choose from the underlying to the expiry time of your trading. Everything will proceed according to your choice.

Introduction to binary options trading | The advantages of binary options trading

1) When an investor buys a contract, it does not mean that he is buying the asset itself. This easy accessible nature of binary options allows it to reach the people of all over the world. Otherwise, people would be tightened by the price of assets.

2)  Binary options trading allows the investor to become sure about how much money he may lose, and this helps him to come with new advanced strategies controlling the risk factors.

3) In binary options trading, the profit clings with the change in direction of the price of the asset, rather than the difference in the price. So, an investor has the opportunity, to gain a large profit even from a small and single change in pip.

4) Initially, binary options trading seems to be a muddle to the beginners. But if one has strong will power, he can easily adopt the business strategies. Only a few days thorough study can make you a ready-to-go trader.

Keeping this in mind, here, we have tried to provide a complete tutelage for the beginners, discussing each and every possible aspect of trading. We are requesting you to go through our piece of work only to help you.

Binary options trading is not a hard nut to crack, but it is also true that one can not learn it overnight. A step by step action may lead you to success.

The first step should be choosing a right broker suitable to you.


Types of Binary Options

Many different types of binary options to trade with, you are going to come across online. In this article, we intend to provide you a brief summary of all the types of binary options so that you can choose the right one for you.

Types of Binary Options | Indices Binary Options

Traders very often choose indices as their underlying asset. There are plenty of Stock Exchanges around the world, and trading stock market indices has become very popular among the traders. Here, the profit depends on the prediction– whether the price of the stock and shares is going above or beneath the price, on which the trading was set.

Types of Binary Options | Benefits of Indices Trading

Trading indices is kind of different experience than trading with other binary options. There are few advantages hidden in it.

1) Trading indices requires considerably less research work. You can choose any Position, Long or Short, rather than researching a lot on the Equity.

2) Due to multifariousness within a variety of national and international indices, the risk factor is quite less than other types of options trading. As no single stock holds complete influence on the index, stability has been sustained.

3) Indices trading comprises a collection of stock making up the particular index while stock trading includes buying an individual stock from specific companies. It is clear, trading indices option, you have the opportunity to earn greater leverage than trading stock.

Indices to trade with:

After you dive in indices trading, you will come across many indices options online. Among them, most popularly traded indices options are CAC 4, Dow Jones, DAX, FTSE 100, Hang Seng, and NASDAQ.

Types of Binary Options | Currency and Forex Trading Options:

Among all the binary options markets, Forex market (Foreign Exchange Market) is the largest and most liquid. The average traded value of currencies in Forex market is above 1.9 trillion/day. You can find all types of currencies of the world here. Thus, it is an over-the-counter market, where people trade the value of two different currencies against each other.

Types of Binary Options | Benefits of Forex Trading

1) It is one of the largest financial markets.

2) If you like to enhance liquidity in your business, trading currencies will be your best option.

3) Forex market is open for 24 hours. Each broker has his own time of trading. It helps the traders, to participate in trading, at any time of the day and night. But most traders buy or sell currencies from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. according to their local time zone.

4) You can easily manage your risk factors or learn avoid them.

Types of Binary Options | Mostly traded pair currency

In Forex market, you can pair up any two major currencies—US Dollar, Japanese Yen, UK Pounds Sterling, European Euro, Australian and Canadian Dollars, etc. But the most commonly traded currency pairs are EUR/USD, JPY/USD, AUD/USD, CAD/USD, GBP/USD etc. Among them, EUR/USD is the most traded and the most liquid one.

Types of Binary Options | Commodity Binary Options

Over the past few years, traders’ sparkling interest in commodity options has been growing rapidly. When, you buy a commodity ( gold, silver, copper, crude oil etc.), it does not mean that you are buying the asset itself. You are buying the value of the fixed commodity, over a set of period of time. And this enhances the accessibility of commodity options trading, globally. The most advantage of

What kind of commodities can you trade?

Metal— Commodity options trading gives you the opportunity to trade with Gold, Silver, and Copper with limited risk.

Energies— Using binary options and bull spread, you can trade on the energies like Crude Oil and Natural Gas where the risk will be low and collateral.

Agricultural Commodities— Corn and Soybean are the agricultural commodities to trade. The risk factor is also minimal here. You can use the bull spread to earn more profit.

Types of Binary Options | Individual Stocks Binary Options

Purchasing stocks and shares is a very commonly hobby as well as a profitable business, to many people around the world. It is the most popular binary options trading. While trading with Securities, you have to be right about the direction of the price movement, as well as about the timing.

The most traded stocks— It is the largest options market, including most well known and famous companies making up the volume of trading. Companies like Microsoft, Toyota Motors, Vodaphone, Apple, Google, Nike, Coca-Cola, and even Walt Disney, are giving you the opportunity to trade stocks with them.

Social Media Stocks— Many binary options trading sites, even allow you to trade with the share prices of social media websites—- Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you are interested, you can dive in.

Banking Binary options trading— Banking industry is considered to be the most volatile sector, and this volatility, attracts traders to buy and sell banking stock and shares. Most commonly traded bank based binary options are, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and J P Morgan.

Types of Binary Options | What Profit Can one Make Trading Binary Options?

Binary options trading is not gambling. Here, the trading is done following different strategies. Your option may expire in the money or out of the money. Both can happen. But, if you trade following the right strategy, managing risks, then the sky is the limit in case of earning profit. You may even make 80% profit from a single trade. It also depends on which broker site you choose, and what amount of profit they are offering. Therefore, the most necessary and mandatory part is, to select a broker site having the potential to give you maximum profit.