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IQ Robots Tournaments

IQ Option is pretty well known in the binary options world. They are a broker that allows traders to enter the market without having to invest too much and they are very dedicated to developing new trading technologies in order to provide their clients with a better trading experience. One such innovation are their IQ Robots tournaments, where you can compete with other traders in creating the best trading software. We took a look at these interesting events and what they have to offer, so if you are at all intrigued by the idea stick around and read on because we have plenty to show you. Let’s get started!

IQ Robots Tournaments | Conditions

There really aren’t too many conditions you have to meet in order to become eligible for IQ Robots tournaments. First and foremost, you have to have a trading account with IQ Option, and you can learn about everything this company has to offer in our extensive IQ Option Review 2016. Next, keep in mind that your robot has to perform at least 20 different trades during the course of a tournament (a tournament usually lasts one month) and only then will its performance be taken into consideration. Apart from these two conditions, there isn’t anything else that could prevent you from taking part in IQ Robots tournaments. Meet these two conditions and you will be able to fight for the main prize. More on that in the following paragraph.

IQ Robots Tournament
IQ Robots Tournament

IQ Robots Tournaments | Prizes

Of course, if you don’t want to create your own IQ Robots, you can always use a program developed by another trader. However, if you decide to make one yourself and enter IQ Robots tournaments, you have a chance of winning $2000. Every tournament has two categories – robots are ranked according to their efficiency and the profit they make in one month. Apart from $2000 for the winners, the runners-up in each category receive $1000 and the authors of third-placed robots will be awarded $500. If you have a knack for this, you could increase your monthly income fairly significantly. Of course, this is all completely optional and you can just pick a robot with the best performance record from the broker’s catalog, but entering the competition doesn’t cost anything and you have loads of fun. So why not give it a shot?


IQ Robots Tournaments | Conclusion

IQ Robots tournaments are a pretty fun way to trade binary options. The fact that you’re competing against other traders just adds a little excitement to it. We think that this is a great move by IQ Option to entertain its trading community a bit and offer some new perspectives on this type of trading. People behind this broker have already proven themselves on many occasions, so the level of detail and quality of these events should not surprise you. Open an account, create your trading robot and start competing against other traders today!