Market Geometry

Although it’s been around for a while, market geometry is still a perfectly viable way of performing technical analysis. If you don’t use or simply don’t have access to a big number of trading tools, this technique can be of big help to you when trading binary options. We will go through it in the rest of this article to give you an idea of how the whole thing works, but don’t worry – it’s all pretty simple. Therefore, mastering this technique can be especially beneficial to you if you’re still a relatively new and inexperienced trader. That way you can open up a very simple path to making a profitable prediction. Let’s get going!

Market Geometry | Main Idea

The main idea of market geometry is that past behavior will always have a strong influence on future market movements. As a matter of fact, the premise is so strong that this technique simply translates things from the left side of your Chart to the right. The main goal of this is to find reliable consolidation areas and project them into the future in order to get a clear idea about a price’s support and resistance levels. Just keep in mind that these levels do not necessarily have to form a straight line, but can also be dynamic, even from a geometrical perspective. So the main principle of market geometry is fairly easy to understand. Let’s now see how it works in practice and how you can trade by using it. Stay with us!

Market Geometry | How it’s used

Market geometry is often used for translating patterns from one side of your chart to the other because it gives you a very accurate idea of what Expiry Time you should choose when opening a trade. Additionally, it is very popular to use pitchforks in combination with this principle. You first choose the pivot point and a high and low that come after it. Then you draw three parallel trendlines through those points, with the line going through the pivot point serving as the median line to which the price should gravitate approximately 80% of the time. The other two are your support and resistance levels, respectively. When the price moves from the median line and towards one of the other two, that’s the signal you want to start buying call or put options, depending on the direction of the move.

Market Geometry | Conclusion

The main principle of market geometry is fairly simple – the gist of it is that you can translate the situation from one side of your chart to the other because the market often goes through the same cycles. This then helps you predict market developments, especially if you’re looking for information on the expiration time you should choose. Additionally, combining pitchforks with this principle is also very popular among traders and can bring you accurate information, so investing some time into mastering that tool could be a good idea. Of course, if you want to learn more about trading binary options, more articles like this are available right here on this website.

Elliott Waves Theory

Among various trading ideas and principles, very few are as popular as the Elliott Waves Theory. This theory is one of the most important and most influential theories in the world of binary options and there are many tools that are derived directly from it. Essentially, everything here is based on the presumption that the market will always go through the same cycles which can be broken down to waves. We will talk more about these waves in the following paragraphs, so if you’re still not familiar with this manner of trading, you won’t want to miss this. Sit down and set a few minutes of your time aside to expand your trading knowledge.

Elliott Waves Theory | Two types of waves

The Elliot Waves Theory is based around two main types of waves: impulsive waves which follow the main trend and corrective waves which move against a Binary Options Trend. An impulsive wave will always consist of five smaller waves and be followed by a corrective wave. That corrective wave, on the other hand, consists of three moves. The thing is that these two waves are fractal in nature, meaning that the same principle is always applied, no matter what the scale of your chart is. In other words, each cycle is a part of a bigger pattern and can be broken down into smaller ones by using the same principle – the 5:3 move. However, these are not all exact copies of each other, so read on to see what can change these patterns a bit.

Elliott Waves Theory | Time element varies

While the pattern upon which the Elliot Waves Theory is based always remains a constant, the element of Expiry Time is not so rigid. The span in which one of these patterns is completed can vary significantly and this is what can sometimes confuse traders. They simply lose track of the level on which they’re examining the graph or mix up higher and lower wave categories and come to the wrong conclusion. That is why it’s recommended to use the so called top-down analysis when using the Elliott Waves Theory. You simply start with a monthly chart and then gradually break things down as you go. Of course, you only move to a lower level at the point at which your analysis of the higher level ends. That’s why concentration is so important when using this theory.

Elliott Waves Theory | Conclusion

In the end, we can see that the Elliott Waves Theory is a very interesting principle based on two types of waves – impulsive ones and corrective ones. Still, you need to be focused when using it because it can be easy to get things mixed up while you’re analyzing your chart. Also, remember to take time into consideration too because different cycles may not last equally long. However, after some practice, we firmly believe you will get the hang of things and move on to other things we discuss in the educational articles on this website.


Among economic releases that can help you assess the situation on the market, it is quite hard to find a more important one than the GDP. This is what tells you about the state of an economy, how much it has produced in the previous period and whether it’s contracting or expanding, which means you can really gain a lot of important information from examining it. To give you an idea of just how important this release is and how it can affect your trading, we decided to write this article, with some help from our experts, of course. Read on and learn to use this important source of data.

GDP | What does it mean?

GDP (Gross Domestic Product), as we’ve said, tells you all the most important information about an economy. This, in turn, forces institutions of these economies, most notably central banks, to react in accordance with this report. They have to react because the country’s currency will also be affected by this release. Depending on the country, GDP can be released on monthly or quarterly basis, but regardless of that you can get a pretty good idea how things will develop when the report comes out, especially if you take a look at other releases, as well. This Event will cause increased market activity and allow you to predict decisions of central banks, which affect the whole economy of a country, with a fair degree of certainty. We’ll go into that more in the next paragraph, so stay with us!

GDP | What does it tell us?

The most important reaction to publishing the GDP you need to keep track of is how the interest rates are managed. If the GDP turns out to be rising, the interest rates will go up; otherwise, if an economy is in recession, the central bank will lower the rates to help people spend more and get things on the right track again. Because these releases increase volatility significantly and the market pretty much rearranges itself quickly, you don’t want to want wait for the last release to set your Expiry Time if a country releases several versions of the GDP (like UK and US, for example). These releases extremely rarely differ from the initial one, so if you hesitate you could miss some great opportunities. Also, don’t forget that your economic calendar can tell you when GDP releases are coming out, so you can prepare yourself to react quickly.

GDP | Conclusion

As you can see, every GDP is exceptionally important, not just to traders, but to various institutions, as well. It affects monetary policies of every country in the world and can tell you a lot about the way things will develop after its release. Therefore, always keep track of it, especially of the releases concerning the biggest economies in the world. And if you want to learn more about how to utilize the information you get this way, read our other educational articles and further improve your trading skills. 

Moving average

Using a moving average when analyzing the situation on your chart can increase your trading efficiency significantly. The concept is fairly simple to grasp, so we will go through it in this article to help you start using it if you’re still not familiar with the way it works. The main purpose of using this technique is to find reliable support and resistance levels and to come to a conclusion about the way the price will behave. This is what our experts will explain in the following paragraphs. It won’t take long, so sit back and go through our text if you want to improve your trading skills and chances for success.

Moving Average | Basics

First of all, you need to know that the moving average is always plotted onto a candlestick Chart. It considers highs and lows of a candle and then shows us its value in relation to where the price is at that moment. The number of candles that are included in this average is determined by you, but the most popular amounts are 200, 100 and 50. Just remember that a bigger moving average requires a longer expiration time. It can also act as a dynamic support or resistance level for the price you’re monitoring. Apart from different numbers of candles, there is one more way of differentiating between averages because some of them can be simple (SMA) or exponential (EMA), but the main principle remains the same. Let’s now see how you can use all of this when trading.

Moving Average | How to profit with them?

The most common way to use a moving average is to buy call options if the price is above it and put options if it’s below. A more advanced technique is to compare a bigger and a smaller MA and if they cross each other you know it’s time to react. This is because smaller MAs show more recent behaviour of a price, so if that surges you know that a price is moving strongly. MA200 is the most important moving average in trading and if a smaller MA is crossing it we’re talking about a golden (bullish) or a death (bearish) cross. The bigger the difference between the two moving average involved in the cross, the stronger the Signal. On top of all that, MAs are all very visible on your chart, so it’s easy to extract the data you’re looking for.

Moving Average | Conclusion

Using a moving average in your technical analysis is considered vital by a huge number of experienced traders. This versatile tool can help you learn a lot about a price, so mastering it should be high on your list of learning priorities. It’s really not that difficult, but the gains could be big. Combine that with our other educational articles available on this website and you’ll be a trading machine in no time!

Currency crosses

Another type of currency pairs, currency crosses are also among the assets available to binary options traders. They have several shared qualities that can help you make the right call, and we are going to go through the basics of trading them in the following article. Just like all other assets, these are also influenced by major global events, but the way they behave and the way they should be traded is a bit specific. As you probably know, the currency market is prone to changes, so educating yourself as much as possible about it is always a wise choice. With our help, you’ll be extracting profit from your trades in no time. Let’s go!

Currency Crosses | Basics

Generally speaking, each currency is representative of the economy it belongs to. That’s why they can be affected by so many different types of news from the business world. To put it simply, currency crosses are currency pairs that do not contain the USD. This is what differentiates them from their counterparts, Currency Majors. The main reasons why these types of pairs came about is the simplicity they brought to the market. Before they were introduced, every currency had to be turned into the USD first before some other currency could be acquired. Today, the euro is the most powerful currency when it comes to currency crosses, since the pairs involving it and the GBP, CHF and JPY respectively are the most traded crosses in the world. How are they traded? More on that in the next paragraph.

Currency Crosses | Trading

Currency crosses most often behave in a way that is opposite to currency majors, meaning that one will enter its consolidation phase when the other is moving. However, they usually spend slightly more time in their consolidation areas, so your expiry time in this case will usually be longer than that of the majors. Because of that, it is recommended that you use Binary Options Charts of the longer variety, like a daily chart, when examining data. Another distinguishing feature of these pairs is that they can be easily used in ranged trading, which means that using oscillators can be very effective and help you make the right choice. Oscillators will help you identify divergences, a fairly common occurrence when dealing with this particular type of assets. Just remember to follow the news regularly and extract relevant information from them.

Currency Crosses | Conclusion

Currency crosses are more numerous than currency majors, but in many respects they act very similarly. The biggest different between the two groups is the USD, which is in this case omitted. What is specific for currency crosses, however, is the fact that they tend to spend slightly more time in consolidation areas and that they are more suitable for ranged trading. If you want to learn more about these and other important trading terms and topics, browse our website a bit – you will find plenty of interesting materials.

Currency majors

When trading binary options, a lot of traders like to choose currency pairs as their assets. The currency market is a vibrant one, with loads of factors influencing it. As a matter of fact, they are probably the type of assets that is most heavily influenced by everyday global events. However, not all currency pairs can be treated equally, so we are here to point you in the right direction when it comes to currency majors. In this article, we will go through their basic features and give you a few tips on how to approach them. Give us just a few minutes of your time and we will show you how to up your trading game. Let’s go!

Currency Majors | Which are they?

Currency majors are essentially the four most popular and most heavily traded currency pairs on the market. These include: EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY and GBP/USD. Some people add two more pairs to that group – USD/CAD and USD/AUD – but apart from that, these are all the pairs you need to look for if you want to trade currency majors. As you can see, unlike Currency Crosses, the thing all these pairs have in common is the USD, and the reason for that is because the USD is the global reserve currency, the basis of how the current financial system works. It is therefore logical that this is the most traded currency in the world. But what do you need to know about trading binary options with these pairs? Read on and find out!

Currency Majors | Global stage

Usually, currency majors behave as an exact opposite to currency crosses in that if one type of pairs is consolidating, the other will be moving. Also, as we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, global Market Events are what influences these currencies the most, so keep track of major central banks. Institutions like the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Japan all publish regular reports that can tell you a lot about their future moves. Given that these banks control all currencies that form currencies majors, by keeping track of these reports you always have loads of data at your disposal. This information is often vital in making the right business decision. Obviously, do not forget about other important events in the world – a thing a global leader says, for example, can have serious consequences on all these pairs.

Currency Majors | Conclusion

To summarize, currency majors are not that numerous, and their main feature is the fact that they are all tied to the US dollar. These are the most traded currency pairs in the world, so they can be affected by numerous events that take place on the global stage. However, the reports of central banks of the world’s most powerful economies is what you should be keeping track of, as they can give you the best idea of what to expect in the future. For educational materials on trading binary options, read our other articles on this part of our website.

Binary Options Psychology

Binary options psychology is something every trader in this business has to take into consideration if they want to be successful. Apart from interpreting the data correctly, you also have to control yourself and keep a cool head at all times because if you allow yourself to get carried away you can end up with a loss. Each member of our team has years of trading experience under their belt, and they know which mistakes are most commonly made and how to avoid them. Therefore, allow us to give you a few pointers about the attitude you need to have when approaching the market and opening your trades. Stay with us!

Binary Options Psychology | Safety net

When talking about binary options psychology, the main principle you need to keep in mind is diversification. In other words, you don’t want to invest everything you have in a single trade just because the potential payout is high. Remember, if your prediction turns out to be incorrect, you lose everything, so spreading your investment across several trades is the way to go. This way, you create a safety net for your funds because if one trade doesn’t go your way, another one can soften the blow significantly if it ends up in the money. That’s why an adequate trading strategy is needed before you start trading. But this is just one aspect of binary options psychology – we have more to discuss, so don’t go away!

Binary Options Psychology | Trends

In this business, it’s all about keeping a cool head and trusting the numbers. You cannot hope to be right 100% of the time, that is simply impossible, so don’t let one unsuccessful trade deter you from your strategy. Having the right strategy will bring you profit most of the time, meaning you should stay profitable as long as you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Another thing that can increase your success rate is getting in on a Trend. However, binary options psychology also plays a role here because it’s easy to get lost in it and miss the signs that the trend is about to end. People just get carried away by the fact that the price is steadily rising (or falling) that they forget this occurrence is only temporary. Think for yourself; don’t just blindly follow trends. Analyze and calculate to get constant profit and set the right Expiry Time.

Binary Options Psychology | Conclusion

All experienced traders know the importance binary options psychology has in making the right call. It is extremely important not to get carried away and to be as analytical as possible before you make your decision. In this article, we gave you just some basic tips about this subject, but there is certainly a lot more to discuss and learn. Binary options trading has many layers and can offer many different scenarios, and in all of them your mental state is of crucial importance. So browse around our website some more – we have more tips to give.

Market Events

Market events always have a profound effect on the way people trade, so preparing for them, if possible, should always be a part of your trading strategy. Naturally, not all events can be predicted – some happen completely unexpectedly and can turn the whole trading world upside down. We are here to help you deal with these phenomena and show you what tools can be used when trading them. If you’re still new to this type of trading, reading this article may very well boost your success rate significantly. Knowledge and planning are absolutely essential in this business, so read on and see how to prepare yourself to make the right move at the right time.

Market Events | Can they be predicted?

Like we said, some market events cannot be predicted, but a lot of them are scheduled in advance. These are things like announcements of various agencies or governments about the situation in a particular economy. These announcements may concern a country’s GDP, interest rates, unemployment rates etc. Take Nonfarm Payrolls for example: they are issued by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics every first Friday of the month and there are many other examples just like it. This is where your economic calendar becomes extremely important because it contains all the most important market events and shows them to you in advance. This way, you can make plans and always be one step ahead of the market. But how exactly do you trade in these situations? Stay with us and find out!

Market Events | How long do they affect the market?

Time is a very important element when market events occur because not all news retain their value the same way. A market event can occur and within hours a government or an agency can issue a statement about it, thus diminishing its effect. That’s why you don’t necessarily want to trade long-term options, even though market events often increase volatility of the market at first. In the end, a lot of it depends on your own interpretation because every piece of news does not affect all assets in the same manner. To be able to interpret and predict the effect of market events correctly, you will first have to spend some time keeping track of the news and the way the market reacts to them. Once you immerse yourself in everything sufficiently, you will know which events affect which asset and will be able to make correct predictions.

Market Events | Conclusion

So, market events can be scheduled and completely random, but once you gain enough experience you will know how they affect you. Interpretation plays a key role in all of this because there are many different parameters that affect assets in a different manner. Remember to always use your economic calendar to keep track of future scheduled events, since that way you can come up with a more reliable strategy. And if you need more educational articles, just look around our website – there is a lot to learn.

Nonfarm Payroll

One of the most important documents you can come across in the world of trading is the nonfarm payroll report. Essentially, it is a report on the state of the US economy issued by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This information affects all types of trading on a global scale, so keeping track of it and knowing how to react when it comes out is of outmost importance for every trader. In this article, we will show you the significance of this document and how it can help you trade binary options. Read on and discover an important tool in your quest for profit!

Nonfarm Payroll | What is it?

Like we said earlier, nonfarm payroll is issued by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is done every first Friday of the month, so you can expect increased volatility of the market on these days. This is because nonfarm payroll shows how many new jobs were created during the last month, which sectors of the US economy were the most active ones in this respect and what’s the situation with the unemployment rate. Based on this, predictions can be made regarding the government’s future moves and decisions and the way the US economy is going to develop in the following month. Because the US economy is the largest and most influential economy in the world, every nonfarm payroll is an extremely important Market Event. So how do you need to trade when it comes out? That’s in our next paragraph.

Nonfarm Payroll | How to trade?

As mentioned earlier, increased market volatility is the hallmark of every first Friday in the month, thanks to the nonfarm payroll report. Because of that, long-term options are preferable. Simply, it is extremely difficult to correctly predict movement immediately after the report is issued, so stepping back and waiting for things to calm down is the smartest thing to do. You can get a general idea of where the economy is heading from the data in the report, but the market needs some Time to adjust and incorporate new information. On top of that, many traders believe that the first move the price makes after a nonfarm payroll is published is usually not the right thing to put your money on. This may not be true all the time, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how hectic things get in these circumstances.

Nonfarm Payroll | Conclusion

As you can see, every nonfarm payroll has a huge effect on the market, so knowing how to behave and trade when it comes out is of outmost importance. These are some of the basic principles you need to know, but if you want to know more, we suggest you closely examine the data in every report. That way you can see the nuances and how the market reacts to them. As always, careful analysis is the key to success. However, if you want to educate yourself some more, we suggest you take a look at our other articles. There is much more to learn.

Binary options expiry time

Every trade you open has to be closed at some point. The good news is that you’re in charge of when that is going to happen. This what choosing your binary options expiry time means – you need to know when the market conditions are going to work in your favor, so that your trade can end up in the money. This is what we are going to help you with today because choosing this parameter is one of the most important things you can do when placing an investment. There are several strategies you can take, and our experts will show you the basics of what you need to know. Read on!

Binary Options Expiry Time | Two main categories

First of all, you need to be aware that you often have many choices when setting your binary options expiry time – from just 30 seconds to several months. Therefore, there are two main groups of options: long term and short term. To make the right prediction, you will want to consult your Binary Options Chart, so it’s very important that you use the right kind. For example, extracting data from a one-minute chart makes no sense if you’re looking for data to help you with long-term trades and vice versa. Your choice of binary options expiry time should be based on a careful analysis of way the asset behaved in the past and of the information you have about future movements. But what if you don’t have the time to conduct the analysis? Stay with us and see what to do then.

Binary Options Expiry Time | Thinking quickly

Unexpected Market Events can cause a lot of disturbance among traders and because of their sudden appearance, quick reactions are required to make the most of them. Volatility increases significantly, so short term options become a much better choice in these situations. You will also want to react quickly when you see a trend forming. This is another example where you don’t want your binary options expiry time to be too long because trends often don’t last as much. However, this depends on the strength of a trend, so try to figure that out before you invest. Short term options can be a great way to quickly make a significant profit, but you certainly shouldn’t be investing in them blindly.

Binary Options Expiry Time | Conclusion

Binary options expiry time is one of the most important elements of this type of trading. Brokers may offer loads of them on their trading platform, but they will always be divided into two main groups – long term and short term options. Each of those two ways of investing has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to find the balance. Examine the situation on the market thoroughly, extract the necessary information and only then will you be able to make the right call. If you need help distinguishing the most important data, read our other articles in this section of the website. There’s something for everyone here!